***Warning: Spoilers***


The Cover is absolutely superb, Brian Bolland does a stellar job indeed. I love the black background, makes the image of Dredd more potent and striking. Its great to see Bolland back again for cover duties, an artist who for me ranks high amongst comic industry legends.

Judge Dredd: Wolves Part 2; i enjoyed Part 1 in the last Prog but wasn’t overly bowled over by Andrew Currie’s artwork. However, i take it back; I haven’t had this much fun with a Dredd story since Peter Doherty’s work a couple of months back. Its a joy just scouring the panels looking for a familiar face. Jeremy Paxman’s cameo was the highlight for me! On top of Paulie and Trigger’s appearance in the last Prog. And i’m sure i saw the the, ahem, big breasted woman on page 5 somewhere else too….hmmm? Currie’s rendering of the Judicial planes and the transport/ buses are especially good. The carrier craft on page 3 reminded me of that awesome drop ship in Aliens (“we’re in the pipe, five by five”? Yeah that one!). The only jarring character has to be the depiction of Hershey, who looks like a 14 year old girl a la Natalie Portman in Lèon, but overall i was mighty impressed. The story is also really enjoyable, it’ll be interesting to see how this one developes in the next instalment, especially Dmitry’s spot of bother with Paulie er – Luka i mean!

Savage is also another enjoyable fare. I won’t talk too much about Goddard’s artwork for want of sounding repetetive…ah what the hell. I love goddard’s b&w artwork – stunning is an understatement. Things are developing really nicely, especially Savage’s new target. That goes for all wars in a way (and i’m sure Pat Mills is showing this), things aren’t always as black and white as we are lead to believe. The Volgan’s talking about signs and symbols, the Swastika and the Freemason signature – was interesting. Especially Steeleye’s assumption that the Quartz’ are members of the secret society themselves. On top of that there is of course the issue with that bastard sniper. And lastly, it was nice to see my borough getting name checked (Tower Hamlets)! Really looking forward to next week.

Ampney Crucis was also a joy to read. The opening page was nicely done by Simon Davis, i felt a little sorry for the Babbagist priest. Last few pages were also terrific. I have a theory that Ampney’s dad is actually Ben Affleck the morning after his Oscar win for Argo!

The Red Seas continues to entertain me with unequable measure (other than the other strips in the Prog!). Steve Yeowell’s artwork is magnificent. Stand out moments? Erebus’ head over arse fall and the last page. Wow. Odin and Thor be praised (not forgetting Huginn and Muninn!).

Now Strontium Dogs, oh man. Stellar stuff indeed. The opening page was thrilling not to mention visually arresting thanks to the magic of Carlos Ezquerra’s ink. The colour pallete throughout the 6 pages were very reminiscent of Necropolis. It was also graphic too, Kid Knee’s shooting of a norm being the main one. He, much like his father has always been a bit of an arsehole in my view. Also affecting was the next page….
The last page was superbly done especially Johnny Alpha’s war cry. Things are looking very bleak indeed for both Muties and Norms. This being the last Stronty for now, I look forward to the concluding series soon. It hasn’t always been plain sailing, we’ve had our ups and downs, but its been a fun strip nonetheless.

So all in all an outstanding Programme – the best by far since the new year.


P.S, Happy Birthday Tharg!


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