Another enjoyable Megazine! First up, the cover. One word, awesome. One of the best Megazine covers, if not the best since i came on board. I love the colour palette, red goes really well with black making the image really striking. Henry Flint has now officially progressed from artdroid to artgod.

Judge Dredd: Night Mayor on L.M Street; i couldn’t help but chuckle at the title! :D, story (by Alan Grant) revolves around a mayoral election taking place in MC1. However one of the candidates isn’t playing fair. The artwork by Anthony Williams was not bad, however i can’t say i was too fond of it especially his depiction of Dredd. On page 2 the close up of Dredd (with the shading) makes him look like he’s grown a moustache a la Douglas Fairbanks! It was a fun strip nonetheless.

Comics Roundtable: Horror; a nice article interviewing 2000ad’s Ian Edginton, Jon Davis-Hunt and Arthur Wyatt alongside writer Dan Lockwood on their views on horror in comics. It was an interesting read, especially hearing about what they thought of Ennis’ Crossed – a comic not for the squeamish. It was nice learning about how each of them have tackled horror in the past, and the best methods of using it effectively in the medium. Its also made me want to check out some of the stuff, like Cradlegrave.

Trifecta/ Best Laid Plans by Michael Molcher; a look into one of the greatest comic events of last year. A nice read, and one thats got me dying to read Trifecta all over again.

Hondo City Justice: Revenge of the 47 Ronin Part Two; hugely hugely enjoyable. The undead ronin are wreaking havoc in Hondo City, and Judge Inaba is up to her neck trying to contain the threat. Mike Collins’ artwork is oh so good, the opener was beautifully rendered as we are taken back in time to Japan circa 1702 AD. The Black Sun Empress was both beautiful and terrifying in the same measure. I’m really enjoying this strip and hope to see more next month.

American Reaper II Part 2; excellent stuff. I can’t understand the hate for this as its really well wtitten, and goes along at a cracking pace. I can see how the ‘artwork’ can put off someone (as it did me at the start), but i soon got acquainted to it. It makes for a change in my opinion, and we can start to see Clint Langley’s input more this month. I love the whole set up, interesting main character and intriguing premise not to mention the wisecracks and action. The stand out in this episode was the exchange between the prisoner, Don and the professor esp. as the professor would shortly be transplanted into the criminals body! This brings up a whole can of worms such as the moral aspect of the procedure and doubts; would the professor’s wife be comfortable seeing her husband inside the body of a serial rapist and murderer? The strip is full of fascinating ideas and engaging moments like the one highlighted, and i for one love it!

Interrogation: Karl Richardson; a nice article on Karl, and his artistic influences and process. Followed immediately by…

Judge Dredd: The Lost Cases/ The Last Judda; where we see Karl Richardson’s impressive art in action. I’m not too familar with the Judda storyline, i’ve read what happens and know the summary but have yet to read the actual story from start to finish. Nevertheless it was an okay read (the Judda turning up at a comedy club the highlight for me) but the monotone artwork was the thing i enjoyed most out of the two.

So overall an excellent issue, and one i thoroughly enjoyed. But wait…hold on, i almost forgot about the floppy! Which would’ve been tragic seeing as how awesome a read it was!

A.H.A.B; the story set in a far flung future was based on Moby Dick, instead of whales we had the Kohenyu; giant whale like creatures flying (or is it floating?) through space. And instead of Ahab we had A.H.A.B; a alien robot whose empty shell is inhabited by a human (sorta like an Avatar), he’s a devious, conniving bastard who won’t stop at anything to wipe all the Kehanyu’s from existence. Our protagonist is Ishmael or ‘Izzie’ as she likes to be known. She is a scientist who’s goal is to save earth and mankind from the Ebola virus, but in order to do this she has to extract fluids from the Kohenyu’s tear ducts, but A.H.A.B has other plans….

I have to say that it was a really fun read. I went through the floppy in no time at all and by the end wished there was more! Richard Elson’s artwork is absolutely superb. I loved his work on Kingdom, and its pretty much the same here.

A two page spread of the magnificent Kogenyu, when we see it for the first time – is magnificent to behold. I loved the design of the futuristic ships and vessels, and the last pages in particular when we see the Kohenyu queen -was superbly rendered, not to mention the colour palette throughout the story, it was a really eye catching read. Coming back to the design, the main ship is shaped almost like a boat (which was no doubt a concious decision), and its slim line nature and front reminded me of the U.S.S Sulaco in Aliens.

It was a really enjoyable read, and to top it off we had three short tales at the end, Future Shocks: Spare Parts being the most entertaining out of them. Definitely one of the better floppies – quality-wise i hope to see more like this. Excellent stuff overall, A.H.A.B, Hondo City and American Reaper the stand out for me.



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