Thrillpower; A Love Story!


Since jumping on board to one of Britain’s longest running comics anthology; 2000ad and its sister publication Judge Dredd Megazine back in September 2012, I had been entertained like nothing else before. I was familar with Judge Dredd prior having encountered one or two Progs as a kid and the first couple of Case Files a while back, but it was the advent of the Dredd film which perked my curiosity, and thank Grud for that because the last several months have been an absolute blast. I felt like Aladdin stumbling upon the cave of wonders, but where he found treasure, i found Judge Dredd, Brass Sun, Red Seas, Savage, Ampney Crucis and Lowlife to name but a few, which were more magnificent and priceless than all the treasures inside Aladdin’s cave. Not to mention discovering artwork which (for an art lover like myself) were awesome to say the least; works from such esteemed greats as Henry Flint, Chris Weston, Matt ‘D’Israeli’ Brooker, Patrick Goddard, Steve Yeowell, Peter Doherty, Tiernan Trevalion and David Roach to name but a few.

And what 2000ad prompted me to do was also buy countless other collected trades (on top of my regular thrills in the Prog and Megazine) such as Judge Dredd and Strontium Dog, as well as introducing me to other gems such as Kingdom, Stickleback and Absalom.

This is my collection thus far (as seen in the pic above);

1. Judge Dredd Case Files 4
2. Judge.Dredd Case Files 5
3. Judge Dredd: America
4. Judge Dredd: The Pit
5. Judge Dredd: Mandroid
6. Judge Dredd: Origins
7. Judge Dredd: Day of Chaos v.1
8. Judge Dredd: The Cursed Earth Saga
9. Judge Dredd: The Day The Law Died
10. Judge Dredd: The Dead Man
11. Judge Dredd Case Files 15 (Necropolis)
12. Judge Dredd vs Aliens: Incubus
13. Strontium Dog Agency File 2
14. Strontium Dog: The Life and Death of Johnny Alpha
15. Absalom: Ghosts of London
16. Maze World
17. Leviathan
18. The Red Seas: Under The Banner of King Death
19. ABC Warriors: Shadow Warriors

So quite a purchase in the space of 6 months but well worth it without doubt. The standout in my collection is no doubt the Judge Dredd stories, but i also love Leviathan and Absalom, not forgetting The Red Seas which i simply adore (i wish Tharg would release a big tome collecting all the series like the Case Files, i would pay big money to have that in my possession!).

And 2000ad grows in strength as we speak, not to mention the Megazine too. Unlike the American comics which i have fallen in and out of love with over the years, this (2000ad) is one comic which i feel i will not tire of too soon. In fact i am certain this is one love affair that will last long until the day i die and my soul ascends up to Zarjaz heaven!

Splundig Vur Thrigg!


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