Prog 1825

A very eye catching cover by Henry Flint. Love the contrast between the colours.

Judge Dredd: a nice end to a visually stunning and entertaining story, courtesy of Inaki Miranda’s wonderful artwork and Mike Carroll’s thrilling writing. The stand out for me was on page 2 and 3, the ‘Cypher’ getting shot as two passers by gasp aloud in surprise. That panel there is beautifully rendered as is the following page with the bottom four panels, where we shift focus from Dredd getting pummeled to the Lawgiver which slowly falls to the ground – almost in slow motion. Absolutely beautiful stuff. The look of the Cypher hisself/itself is very creepy, and evocative of the Nazi clockwork bogeyman, Kronen in Hellboy, and the two vampires we see entering Blade’s lair in Blade 2. Lets just say the look of the Cypher was very Del Toro-esque, something the Mexican maestro of macabre would be proud of. The last page was really nicely done via a twist which i did not see coming. All in all a fabulous strip which i cannot fault, i even loved the look of the Lawmasters. I would love to see more stuff from Inaki Miranda in the near future.

Dandridge: while i enjoyed the artwork by Warren Pleece, i just couldn’t get into the story sadly. I felt like i was missing too much of the backstory (which i did, being new to the story). However, i was also unfamiliar with the backstory of Red Seas and Savage and ended up loving both, so it’s still early days.

Tharg’s 3rillers: awesome stuff! This strip is a dream for the inner geek in me, some of the dialogue had me smirking with glee; “why does everyone keep on calling them Orcs?” alas! Or ” those movies were a travesty! Shield surfing elves and dwarf-tossing jokes?” and i couldn’t agree more with the mighty one, where was Tom Bombadil? I loved the humour and Neil Googe’s brilliant artwork in this strip. Really looking forward to the last instalment to see how it pans out for our hero – no, not Luke Skywalker wannabe, Simon – but the Darkling Spawn of Neklith! Just don’t mention Orcs…

Stickleback: very enjoyable. D’Israeli seems to surpass himself every time; his artwork just grows in awesome stature. And of course part of the fun of Stickleback is spotting well known faces and artifacts in the strip. It’ll also be interesting to see how Stickleback assimilates himself in a world that is much changed since the last time he left it. And just who is his son? The boy with the two puppies or that giant ape sitting next to the White Lotus Empress? Hmmm…

Zombo: while i was thrilled to see Henry Flint back on art duties, i must confess that i was totally befuddled as to just what in tarnation was going on! That is why before i carry on any further, my primary goal is to read the TPB collection of Zombo first, then hopefully i’ll be in a better stead to understand the story and forward my views.

So overall, a very enjoyable Prog. Judge Dredd and Tharg’s 3riller being the stand out for me, just…fantastic.



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