A very fun Meg this month.

The cover art by Neil Roberts was absolutely beautiful (giving us a small glimpse perhaps of how Insurrection would look in colour).

As for the line-up, we started off with Judge Dredd (Toughlove); a very funny story by Wagner and Willsher. Rojer Golightly has a crush on Dredd, a crush no manner of rehab or therapy will erase… Yes, even getting crushed by Dinosaurs on Cursed Earth! The fantasy element toward the end was very funny; Dredd’s Brokeback Mountain moment! The artwork was excellent by Willsher with some funny nods such as Yassa; the movie starring ‘Urb Karlan’ which everyone is queuing up to see in the begining.

It was a thrilling finale to Hondo City Justice (Revenge of the 47 Ronin). And some startling revelations at the end about Judge Inaba. I’ve really enjoyed this story since it started a few Meg’s back. Mike Collin’s artwork has been a joy to behold, as has the story by Robbie Morrison. I hope we can see the start of a new series soon, especially when you consider that ending.

American Reaper continues to divide opinion among readers, but i’ve enjoyed it. And this month we had what was basically one long chase as our protagonist tries to dodge a ‘smart’ bullet. It was a really fun ride maybe not too much on character development side of things but hell, i still enjoyed it.

Now, Insurrection III (part 1) was a total drokking revelation – easily the best strip in this months line up. I was simply awed by Colin MacNeil’s artwork from the first page and Dan Abnett’s terrific storytelling. As the story transpired so i felt my soul had left my body and i had ascended to Zarjaz heaven. Seriously, i was so immersed in MacNeil’s beautiful b&w panels, i was lost in it for a moment – transported to the vivid world that i was witnessing. That is what special artwork can do when created by a special individual. And Colin MacNeil is indeed, very special. It can move mountains within your mind or traverse through vast star constellations in the blink of an eye.

And i wasn’t even familiar with Insurrection to start with, this being my first reading! Awesome stuff indeed and i can’t wait for the next instalment.

As for the non comic stuff; Interrogation was insightful, looking at Warren Pleece (Dandridge) and his work. Another Interrogation was with Steve Niles (30 Days of Night) which i thoroughly enjoyed reading. Fiction (Going Wheely by T.C Eglington) was a nice read. I really hope we can get thoughts from Henry Flint, Patrick Goddard or Colin MacNeil in the future; those are some of the few names whose work i’ve been very impressed with over the last few months.

The floppy (Downlode Tales v.2) was very enjoyable too. There was some really outstanding artwork from Chris Weston and co. And the story was full of twisted humour, the opener had me laughing out loud. And thanks to this floppy i now know why Dexter has the Sony logo on top of his left eyebrow (which i might’ve missed on the first volume). But having said that, a part of me wishes we could’ve had Finn Book 2 much earlier.

So overall an enjoyable Meg, with Insurrection and Dredd being the stand out for me.


Panel of the month;

Insurrection III (last panel). Sublime.


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