Warning: spoilers!

A great line up! First things first though – the cover. I don’t think i’ve encountered Paul Davidson’s artwork before but i must say i really loved it. At first i thought it was by Tiernan Trevallion, but on closer inspection i was proved otherwise which was a pleasant surprise. Loved the big snarly grin in the background (very reminiscent of Judge Death’s gnashers!)

As for the line-up itself, Judge Dredd was a nice read by Gordon Rennie and Emma Beeby (i’ve seen Emma’s name in the prog before, great to see a female writer on board). The artwork was really terrific by Paul Davidson. It was really refreshing to see a Muslim character in PSI Judge Hamida, and the Hottie loving Imam too. If you look closely on page 4, panel 4 you can see a passerby giving a ‘look’ at Hamida and the Imam. I don’t know if that was intentional by the writers/ artist but i think it shows that even in the 21st century, Muslims are seen with suspicious eyes – or am i reading too much into it? Or maybe the passerby fancied himself a Hottie! Also on the 2nd page we again see the scary gnashers, and the S’s in the background of the panel makes me think that it’s Judge Death himself! (especially when we have a suicide/death cult in the storyline). Also Hamida cries ‘Jinn’, would she be referring to the snarly fiend and his friends? Eitherway some interesting stuff! Looking forward to next week to see how the story developes.

Next up was Dandridge, i have to say that for the first time i’m starting to get into the story and i really enjoyed this weeks instalment. There’s a lot of stuff crammed into the brief 5 pages and it seemed longer. Artwork by Warren Pleece was excellent and i particularly love the look of the streets and architecture; the ‘Cash for Souls’ shop with the people queuing up with souls was a really funny sight!

Tharg’s 3riller on the other hand was a bit of a let down for me. The last two instalments were really great fun but i felt this last episode felt like a huge anti-climax. And especially dis-heartening for me was when i found that the Darkling Spawn of Neklith was in fact a scrawny little nerd in a body suit/armour. Balls. Even the ending couldn’t rescue it, the only good point i could cite is Neil Googe’s artwork.

Stickleback is coming along nicely. D’Israeli’s artwork continues to impress and keep me occupied with the ‘spot the face/artifact’ game, which is very fun! I spotted Batman’s Cowl and Kim Newman straight away, and other stuff which i’m sure D’Israeli will uncover for us in his entertaining blog. It’s great to see Scarlet getting the spot light, i felt her character was really underused in the first two series, and Edginton said as much. So hopefully we’ll get to see more of her this time round.

And last but not least; Zombo! I must say that even though i had little to no inkling as to the plot and what was going on, that did not stop me having a hell of a laugh with this weeks episode! It was really funny seeing the blue skinned/ Alien version of The Fab Four! Especially funny was seeing a bloodthirsty ‘John Lennon’ pummelling a reporter to oblivion and as a courtesy, requesting his wallet! But that was nothing compared to Flint/ Al Ewing’s version of The Fantastic 4! When i got up to page 4 and Roy (Richard Reed) and his margarine speech to Biff (The Thing) i was howling with laughter! My missus had to look in to see what was so funny! Henry Flint’s artwork is awesome as always and i’m really looking forward to next week for some more Zombo hilarity (my copy of the first volume of Zombo is in the post as we speak and i cannot wait to read the this strip from the very start).

So overall, a fine prog indeed. The standout for me was Dredd, Dandridge and Zombo. Great stuff!



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