Nick Percival’s cover has caused quite a stir amongst 2000ad’s readership- some for it, and some against, but for me it is a beautiful piece of work! It’s quite evocative of horror tales from the past (Washington Irving’s ‘Sleepy Hollow’ comes to mind). I love the look of the two ‘tin men’ getting their heads bashed together, not to mention the use of colour and detail. There’s a really atmospheric feel to it but then again that is true of all Nick Percival’s covers, and it is definitely one of my favourite of the last few Progs.

Judge Dredd (Suicide Watch Part 2) was a great read. We’re slowly getting closer to uncovering the identity of the mysterious teeth baring figure who seems to erase people from history (and apparently it’s not who i thought it was in the last issue). Again, Paul Davidson’s artwork is really great as is the story by Gordon Rennie & Emma Beeby, i’m really enjoying this story. Again we have some stand out moments such as Judge Hamida’s encounter with the ghosts of the past atop the underpass, and the chilling last panels.

Dandridge (The Copper Conspiracy Part 4) was really great. The first week or two i wasn’t too sure about the strip, but since last week the story has really picked up, and i found myself enjoying it quite a bit. Of course Warren Pleece’s artwork is a large part of the reason why i’m enjoying it, but so’s the story by Alec Worley. I loved the macabre/funny scene of a headless body (Shelley) pummelling the robot hordes to oblivion! As for the rest, well lets just say the mystery is deepening, conspiracy indeed.

Tharg’s 3rillers (The Ghostship Mathematica Part 1) was an absolute joy to read! Seeing all the animal/alien characters sitting around in the opening page was like the Mos Eisley Cantina scene in Star Wars; in a word, awesome. The story is also very interesting and it had my attention from the start (Treasure Island comes to mind). Just as his work on Judge Dredd was fantastic a few Prog’s back, so is Inaki Miranda’s artwork just as good here. I must say i’m starting to become a big fan of his work. The panel where we see the Ghostship for the first time was absolutely brilliantly potrayed. Very atmospheric for a single panel i must say, and i couldn’t help but drool over it. Again the character designs are awesome, i love the look of the lizard/robot captain and his ‘Blacksmith’ sidekick (who strangely reminds me of Orko from the He-Man cartoon series i loved watching as a kid!).

Stickleback (Part 4) was okay. Interesting to learn more about the Lizard Queen and her offspring from the mad doctor! As for the spotting game, didn’t spot anything that floated my boat, but the Eye of Hastur reference was interesting. Hastur being the demon which i remember from another of Edginton’s story, Leviathan.

As for Zombo (Part 4), sadly there was no such enjoyment for me in this weeks instalment, as there was in the last. I just found it very….uninteresting (to put it kindly). Henry Flint’s artwork was very well done, but that was as far as i could enjoy in regards to thrill factor. I hope the story picks up next week. Also, having read the collected trade (and loved it) i must say seeing Zombo in a grey colour palette somewhat detracts from the ‘awesome’ factor for me…

Last but not least, the letters page! I always love its inclusion in the Prog. But this week i’m particularly honoured to see my letter up there – i still feel in awe of seeing my name in the Galaxy’s Greatest, It’s a special feeling indeed and one i shall treasure….so thank you Tharg!

Overall a strong Prog with Judge Dredd, Dandridge and Tharg’s 3riller being the standout for me.



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