A superb cover by Henry Flint, paying ‘homage’ to the Beetles’ famous Abbey Road shoot. Seeing Zombo towering over them was a nice touch too, not to mention the blue tone of the normally red 2000ad logo. Definitely an early contender for cover of the year.

First up was Judge Dredd (Suicide Watch Part 3). The story is developing nicely, and we get to find out who our grinning nemesis is in this issue. Page 2 was a stand out moment for me in the story as we start to uncover Hamida’s fragile state of mind and the horrors of what the Chaos bug has exacted on the people of Mega City. It’s a really affecting scene as is what follows shortly after. The ending has got me on tenterhooks as i can’t wait to see how this ends. Story and artwork as strong since the first episode.

Dandridge (The Copper Conspiracy Part 5) was a blast! I l absolutely loved the villain: Max Beta; who has a VHS or more rightly, a Betamax player on his forehead from which to sprout all manner of villainous gloating and so forth via his stash of Betamax casettes (each tailored for a unique occasion)! The writing by Alec Worley is really funny and Warren Pleece’s artwork is superb. Great stuff.

Tharg’s 3riller (The Ghostship Mathematica Part 2) was also barnstormingly good….and the last few panels were tense with an unexpected development which has got me intrigued, how will it fare for our space faring pirates? I hope to grud the final episode ends on an optimistic note as i’ve nothing but love for this strip and have absolutely taken to it. And i must say Inaki Miranda’s artwork is a delight to behold. I’ll be saddened to see it end next week…

Stickleback (Number of the Beast Part 5) was….okay. Not great or as enjoyable as the preceeding strips, but the last page was terrific.

Zombo (Planet Zombo Part 5) was very fun indeed and a big improvement on last week. Seeing Zombo dish out all manner of stomach churning punishment on the ‘Fantastic 4’ was both digusting and hilarious in equal measure! Something tells me that the Fab Four are next (and frankly i couldn’t be more happier to see them meeting their gruesome demise!). The last page with Walt Dis..er, Hank Epilson (and Simon Cowell) putting together an army of Ewoks, Stromtroopers and Wookie’s for war was brilliant and funny to boot! And to top it all off, Flint’s artwork is excellent.

So a top thrill overall, Dandridge, Dredd, 3riller and Zombo the standout for me.



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