Nice work by D’Israeli. Love the deep blacks and white contrast. Would it have worked better in colour? Probably. But it’s keeping in line with the b&w tone of the strip, and not a bad effort in my view.

Judge Dredd – Suicide Watch Part 4

A nice if somewhat rushed ending to the story. Hamida as a character is a very interesting one and i’d love to see more of her in the future. Nice to see the likeable hottie loving Imam back at the end! Well done to everyone involved for a very enjoyable read.

Dandridge – The Copper Conspiracy Part 6

Not as enthralling as the episode prior, but still enjoyable nonetheless. The villain Max Beta has to be one of the most memorable creations of recent memory! Some of his lines had me laughing out loud such as his lethal use of the Radio Times for a murderous act! And Shelley definitely needs to listen more carefully to his master….oh dear.

Zombo – Planet Zombo Part 5

It was an absolute pleasure to read this weeks instalment. Sure the plot is getting ever more weird and barmy but there’s no let up of hilarious moments and Henry Flint’s superb artwork grows in awesome stature, speaking of which his double page spread of the ‘ Purple Air Balloon’ (or Yellow Submarine!) was absolutely breath-taking. I mean, wow. That guy is something else entirely. So’s Al Ewing for having the audaciousness and sheer guts to produce with Flint, something of this mindbending and awesome quality. And to top it all off – the real Zombo is back!

Tharg’s 3rillers – The Ghostship Mathematica Part 3

Thank god for this strip. It has been nothing short of a pleasure to read thanks to David Baillie’s tight thrilling script, and art to drool over thanks to Inaki Miranda’s delicously drawn work (which is a little reminiscent of Fiona Staples’ work on Saga if i may say so). But let’s not forget the colours too by Eva De La Cruz, which bring a vibrancy and eye catching beauty to the whole story. The characters and the whole premise is what has totally drawn me in to this particular 3riller, and like i hoped in my review for the last Prog, it does end on an optimistic note. Would i like to see it back again? It’ll probably be intriguing to see how Marbles gets on with his pirate chums on earth, but i think we should leave it be and not spoil a good, nay, great thing. Well done to everyone involved for a beautiful story.

Stickleback – Number of the Beast Part 6

I’ve lost a little interest in this strip if i’m honest. D’Israeli’s artwork continues to impress but the story isn’t really doing anything for my thrill receptors as the first two series did.

So overall, a strong line-up with Tharg’s 3riller, Zombo, Dredd and Dandridge the stand out for me.



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