I had to wait a while before I could get my hands on this weeks Prog because my local newsagents didn’t have it in stock. I went on Wednesday – no prog. Thurday – no prog. Friday? Yep, same again. But thankfully i did manage to nab a copy from another newsagent just a little further from home that same evening. But as we shall see, the wait was well worth it…

Cover: Absolutely stupendous stuff by ‘Maurice Aitken’! It really doesn’t do it justice when you see a picture of it online, it’s only when you hold that copy in your actual hands do you feel that this is a special cover indeed. I know the cover will probably appeal to readers who’ve been with 2000ad since its early days, but even as someone new to the world, I have to tip my hat to it. Is it cover of the year? There’s still a while to go before i can honestly say but right now it is looking like a strong contender.

Judge Dredd – The Forsaken Part One

An excellent opener with some fabulous artwork by P.J Holden. The setting on MC-2 was great, as was the affecting flashback scenes especially the horrific moment when the Cadet is mistaken for an infected citizen. This looks to be another great tale by Mike Carroll.

Tharg’s 3rillers – Gunheadz Part One

After the Ghostship Mathematica ended last week, i thought the next 3riller would have a long way to go to match Ghostship’s thrill. But it seems like Gunheadz might go a long way to filling the vacum left by the previous 3riller’s absence. And a large part of that is due to Boo Cook’s delightful artwork. The first page was excellent as we start with the Gunheadz’ exploits. But a small part of me was thinking how this might carry on for three weeks, and if it’ll work. Well I needn’t of worried because as I turned over the page (just like our protagonist who’s thumb on the page bottom is visible – a nice touch!), i was lead into a bigger world. Or a comic shop at first, filled with all manner of memorabilia and comics from Hellboy’s ‘right hand of doom’, a model of Akira’s awesome bike to a lifesize cardboard cut out of Dredd (reserved for a one ‘J. Burdis’!). It is in stuff like this that Cook’s artwork excels, and the street panel on the next page is also just breathtakingly brilliant, filled with wicked humour and satire (Dredd II anyone? Or how about some real street garffiti/art from the legendary Chopper?). And the last panel was just plain awesome. This is shaping up to be a great 3riller by T.C Eglinton and Boo Cook.

Dandridge – The Copper Conspiracy Part Seven

Another enjoyable instalment of our daring and dashing hero and his headless sidekick! Well head-more at times but less makes it more hilarious as was the case here! Things are also hotting up as the Robo-Coppers start going mad, with the public at risk. Warren Pleece’s artwork is a joy to behold and Alec Worley’s writing is exciting and full of intrigue. I’m really enjoying Dandridge, so I’ll be a tad saddened to see it end next week.

Stickleback – Number of the Beast Part Seven

For the first time in a month I must say I derived enjoyment from Stickleback, which i was losing a little inrerest of. But this weeks episode was very intrresting as Stickleback and Scarlet travel to the bowels of London to seek an audience with the Rat Queen (which reminded me of The Incal when John DiFool and his companions meet Animah the Rat Queen in the bowels of their planet). D’Israeli’s artwork was beautiful to behold especially the way he potrayed the sewers, the boatman (or woman in this case) and the Rat Queen’s abode. And Edginton’s writing is excellent as ever especially where Stickleback and Scarlet are concerned. And how refreshing is it to see Scarlet taking centre stage? She was criminally underused (quite literally!) in the first two series, but here she holds more than her own against the pope of crime.

Zombo – Planet Zombo Part Six

Absolutely hilarious stuff! I was getting my thrills late at night (ahem, thrills of the Zarjaz variety!) but that still did not stop me laughing out loud, the main culprit being the Tron sequence! Simon Cowell getting a chinese burn by the President and his ‘rude thing’ rubbing on Cowell’s Tron suit was just so damn funny. Add to that Zombo’s incessant questions toward Miss Lawyer like a five year old, and London’s Gherkin blasting off to space and you have a truly awesome episode! Al Ewing and Henry Flint are a match made in Zarjaz heaven – and I can’t wait for more!

Overall, this is was a strong Prog, I enjoyed all the strips in this Zarjaz line-up. Great stuff and i look forward to the next Prog with great fervour.



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