A superb wrap-around cover from Ben Willsher. Loved the colour tone and the sickly almost sepia toned back ground. The detail in the artwork was excellent.

Judge Dredd – The Forsaken Part 2

P.J Holden’s artwork is the strongest point here, the story however is not as enjoyable as previous Dredd stories sadly, even Carroll’s own ‘Wolves’ storyline a while back which was far more fun. Still I did like the first part so hopefully it’ll pick up in the next episode.

Tharg’s 3riller – Gunheadz Part 2

More awesome artwork from Boo Cook with some interesting developments in the story aswell. We start to learn more about the Gunheadz and the mysterious Mr. Aitken. I thoroughly enjoyed this middle instalment and look forward to the concluding part. I must say The Gunheadz reminded me of another Boo Cook starring comic; Elephantmen with hybrid creatures much like the Gunheadz here created for war, then left in limbo with a whole set of problems.

Dandridge – The Copper Conspiracy Part 8

This was the final episode of the series and I must say I was a little saddened to see it come to an end. I havent taken to it like I did with The Red Seas, but it was still enjoyable. The series started pretty low key and started getting interesting midway through especially when we met the villainous Max Beta who for me was one of the most memorable characters of recent memory. My favourite moment in this episode had to be Dandridge’s fight atop the bus against a horde of deranged Robo-coppers and Shelley’s head hop! This was followed by some dark goings on in high places involving the Prime minister. The story ended in low key fashion but a nice one at that.

Stickleback – Number Of The Beast Part 8

More great stuff from Edginton and D’Israeli. It took a while in my view to get going, but Stickleback since the last couple of Progs, has been very enjoyable. This time it’s a race against time as the ‘scaly skinned shitehounds’ (according to Stickleback!) come a-calling….in droves. D’Israeli’s artwork is again top notch here.

Zombo – Planet Zombo Part 7

Absolutely hilarious stuff! My favourite moment had to be Simon Cowell and the Presidents Thumb war! That had me laughing out loud! The last page with Padre and Zombo’s suicidal leap into war on a Endor-esque planet filled with Disney’s dastardly hordes, was plain awesome.

Thrills of the future: delighted to see Brass Sun in the line-up, can’t wait to see it back in the Prog!

All in all, a satisfying thrill with Gunheadz, Dandridge and Zombo being the stand out for me.



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