An outstanding cover by Cliff Robinson & Dylan Teague! The sense of perspective with the lit cigar butt almost leaping off the page is superbly done, add to that the noirish setting and rain (hey it just started raining outside as soon as I typed that!) as well as the neon sign and advertisements and you have a piece of work which would really impress all Blade Runner enthusiasts (myself included!). It’s a very striking cover and definitely one of my favourites of the year thus far.

Judge Dredd – The Forsaken Part Three by Mike Carroll & P.J Holden

I didn’t enjoy last weeks episode as much as the opening one, but here things start getting very interesting when Dolman and Dredd go looking for one of the missing Cadets, Tanuma. More insight too into all the horrific incidents that the Cadets had to contend with. Carroll potrays brilliantly via Holden’s excellent artwork the flashback scenes and how lawless things had become during the Chaos war and the effects it has had on these young Cadets. I really enjoyed this weeks instalment and look forward next week to its continuation.

Tharg’s 3rillers – Gunheadz Part Three by T.C. Eclington & Boo Cook

Alas! We finally come to the end of this brilliant run of Tharg’s 3rillers – and a fitting end it is too. The Ghostship Mathematica still remains my favourite of the 3riller’s but Gunheadz is not too far off. In this concluding episode we get more insight into Aitken’s father’s role behind the creation or more rightly, nurture of the Gunheadz. Not to mention Aitken’s own childhood and inspiration behind his comics. I love how the vintage strip we see has certain correlations with what is actually happening in the story, for example the evil Popcon’s true intentions are mirrored with the revelation of what really went on with the real Gunheadz. Boo Cook’s artwork is so drokking awesome and complements the story brilliantly. In the end I felt it was a satisfying conclusion to not only Gunheadz but this whole run of 3rillers. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it and cannot wait for the next run. Well done to everyone involved for a stellar job!

Sinister Dexter – Witless Protection by Dan Abnett & John Burns

I’m thankfully a little familiar with the character of Sinister Finnigan having encountered him in the Meg’s Floppy’s of late. But even if I wasn’t this first episode does a great job at recapping what has gone on before, and how Finnigan finds himself in Generica away from his beloved Download. I must say I really enjoyed it – more than I thought I would. And a large part of that is due to John Burn’s magnificent artwork. I was gushing about how great his artwork for the Judge Dredd Story on last months Megazine was, but here it’s equally as impressive – if not more. There’s a certain dreamy daylight noir feel to certain scenes – especially on page 3 with Finnigan walking down the streets of Generica (and at night in the following page). It reminded me of Travis Bickle in Taxi Driver and the New York of the 70’s. And if Download was an European city, where is Generica? Is it America? (also I swear Finnigan looks like Martin Sheen on Page 1, panel 5!)

Stickleback – Number of the Beast Part Nine by Ian Edginton & D’Israeli

A more action orientated episode this time, with Stickleback and co trying to escape from the dino hordes through the mazelike tunnels of the sewer. We also bump into a familiar character and frankly I’m glad, I was missing Stickleback’s old crew from the first few series. D’Israeli’s artwork still has the power to amaze especially on the 2nd page (centre panel) with a hooded figure sitting in front of a fire. Enjoyable stuff.

Zombo – Planet Zombo Part Eight by Al Ewing & Henry Flint

More hilarious exploits of our favourite Zombie and his deranged friends! The panel with all the Star Wars characters on ‘Endor’ awaiting Disney’s revolution was absolutely hilarious, as was the mishap involving a laser sword (read lightsaber) later on! Henry Flint’s artwork is gorgeous (and gruesome) as ever especially where the mentioned Endor panel was concerned. I’m enjoying the hell out of Zombo and look forward to more next week.

So a strong line-up overall, with ALL the strips really great.



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