My Son the Titan!

My Son the Titan!

I watched The Clash of the Titans with my five year old boy yesterday evening (the 1981 version), and he absolutely loved it! His favourite scene was no doubt the one involving Medusa – it both scared and thrilled him, a feeling I too had when I watched it for the first time when I was roughly his age. It started a fascination for me for the legendary stop motion master, Ray Harryhausen. I still hold a big love for his films as an adult and wanted to share a little of the Harryhausen magic with my boy.

Anyhow, he did this drawing straight after he finished watching it. I hope to get him to see more films by Ray Harryhausen, in this day of CGI and 3D and whatnot, I feel it incumbent upon every film loving parent to teach their kids about the great masters of the past.


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