I’ve been really busy the past few weeks and haven’t had time to comment on the last few Progs. Hopefully I’ll rectify that, but i’ll start with my most recent read.

The black and white cover for this Prog (by D’Israeli) is okay but not exactly to my liking if i’m honest. Which is a shame as his covers last year for Dirty Frank were some of the best. Is it the lack of colour? It could be. It’s not as eye catching as the last few Progs.

Judge Dredd – The Forsaken Part Six

The conclusion to Mike Carroll’s six parter is well done. I haven’t entirely taken to this new story but it wasn’t without its moments, especially where the flashback scenes were concerned. It helped to bring the young Cadets’ traumatic story to life. The last panel was very poignant, showing a picture of the Cadets in more happier times. The artwork throughout the run by P.J Holden was superb, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Cadet Anderson – One In Ten Part Three

I was really looking forward to the start of this new strip, but after the opening, my interest in it has started to wane a bit. Having said that the last page was a hoot, not to mention a little unsettling. Carlos Ezquerra’s artwork is great as always. I hope the story picks up in the next Prog.

Sinister Dexter – Witless Protection Part Four

Wow are we really up to part four right now? I really wouldn’t have noticed because I’m really enjoying this strip. It’s cracking along at a nice pace and John Burns’ artwork is beautifully rendered. Almost in dreamy noir like fashion. The strip reminds me of all the great crime and film noir movies of the past, no doubt by the setting and whole feel of the world. The fact we do not see any indication to show we are on another planet, adds to the mystery in my view. When I read the opening two episodes I was thinking I had seen this sort of world somewhere before, where everything is at once recognisable and yet alien at the same time. I figured it out later on that it was Alex Proyas’ Dark City which this strip had evoked in me. Although I have to say Dark City is a bit more, well darker than here, but the fascination for me is still the same. Maybe later on in the strip we can have something happen to indicate we are on another planet, I think that would be a nice touch. But other than that, I really enjoyed this weeks episode, although Sinister’s persuasive heart melting plea to Frontal and his criminal chums was too straight forward for my liking. It would’ve been more interesting if a blood bath had ensued…or maybe not! But great stuff nonetheless.

Stickleback – Number of the Beast Part Twelve

So we come to the end of Stickleback…for now. And a nice double length conclusion too leaving the door open for more nefarious shenanigans from the pope of crime, although this series it felt he was less a pope and more a puppet with other powers more greater than our protagonist, controlling things. It was a fun episode though, with some nice moments. Boy am I glad to see Bob back though, I was quite fond of him in the first two series, along with other members of Stickleback’s original crew. Another refreshing aspect of this series was seeing Scarlett getting more screen, or should that be – panel time. This new series did try my patience at times, there was a moment I think 2/3 of the way through where I started losing interest. But it was the meeting of the Rat Queen in the bowels of London, which got me back on track. I feel it would read much better in one long reading, than in instalments. And I must say the last page was outstanding. Great stuff indeed, I hope to see D’Israeli back soon, and maybe tackling a different story this time. Same goes for Ian Edginton, Brass Sun cannot come earlier for me! I see some exciting stuff coming our way in the foreseeable future.

So overall, an enjoyable Prog. Stickleback and Sinister Dexter being the standout for me.



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