2000 PROG 1838 REVIEW

2000 PROG 1838 REVIEW

A nice cover by John Charles. Love the colour work on it, rendering Finny like the long lost twin of the Joker!

Judge Dredd – Wastelands Part Two

Really enjoying this. The artwork by Dave Taylor is excellent. Dredd does look a little younger and leaner, but that’s not a problem as it’s more to do with the artistic style. I love Taylor’s look of the blocks, both exterior and interior. The bottom panel on page 2 is a delight, it literally feels like the underbelly of the city with all the wires and pipe work like the block’s intestines. Wagner’s script is also enjoyable, can’t wait for the next instalment.

Terror Tales – Rattle

A four page Terror Tale by our very own Montynero! The story wasn’t as terrifying as I would of liked but I so enjoyed Monty’s artwork for this brief little tale. And I do mean brief as that was one of the few faults with the story, A page or two more would’ve helped to give the story a little more breathing space. Like I said Monty’s artwork is really enjoyable to behold, there’s so much detail crammed into the panels. There’s a panel on the last page where we have a close up of the victim, and I swear she looks like Medusa there, with the hair/ snakes dangling in front of her eyes. Well done Monty for getting your work published, was this your first time appearing in the Prog?

Cadet Anderson – One in Ten Part Six

We’re up to part six already? And yet there hasn’t been anything which has stood out for me in the story, other than the demonic baby nightmare that Cassandra has in part two I think. There are some good points, but on the whole I’m very disappointed.

Defoe – The Damned Part Three

Now Defoe on the other hand, has been a blast! We get to see more of Faust, who was unveiled at the end of the third series, and we learn more about him – namely he is bald and looks like Alistair Crowley with added make up. But he does look bloody terrifying sans the wig! We also learn more about Tomazine Scarlet’s background, which has been slightly touched upon previously. But here we learn about her demons so to speak.

I have been very impressed with Leigh’s artwork too, the guy is a magician with pencil and ink, fuck Harry Potter and his fancy spells- this is what real magic is for me! And Mills’ writing is top notch too – full of twists and thrills. Defoe is a Class A 2000ad thrill – and I can’t wait for the next instalment. I’m totally addicted.

Sinister Dexter – Witless Protection

Another enjoyable episode involving our self monologuing, red lipped, ‘talcum’ powdered hero/ anti-hero. Finny gets the job as Frontal’s gun-shark, but at a price as psychopath Uncle Vanya is put on his tail. Again some witty writing by Abnett including some memorable lines, not least Vanya’s “Lol” in the closing panel. That was awesome and brought a smile to my face. And John Burns’ artwork continues to impress. I mean what’s not to like?

So an enjoyable Prog overall, Defoe and Sinister Dexter being my favourite thrills, and Cadet Anderson, not so thrilling.



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