An excellent, eye-catching cover by Lee Garbett. The name is new to me but i’m thoroughly impressed with his effort. I showed it to my five year old boy and he thought it was awesome, especially when I pointed out that the ’round ball thing’ was earth.

Judge Dredd – Wastelands Part Three

Really enjoying this Dredd tale, Dave Taylor’s artwork is superb and perfectly potrays the decay, disease and drug ridden underbelly of the city. It’s a place which would tip even Travis Bickle over the edge in just a minute upon arrival – so suffocating is its representation. And the story is getting more intriguing as it carries on wiyh some memorable moments, not least involving the murderous duo of Waldo and Mutch. They’re like a psychotic version of the Chuckle Brothers – with some chuckle inducing lines of their own! I cannot wait for the next instalment, for me it’s much more interesting and enjoyable than the Dredd story which preceded it.

Defoe – The Damned Part Four

Another immensly enjoyable episode. Things are getting very heated up now, not least the tension between the Dirty Dozenne. Poor old Bodie….you could see he would get the blame, Defoe isn’t too fond of him. Leigh Gallagher’s artwork continues to impress, and Pat Mills is ratching it all up a notch in the script department. Outstanding stuff.
Anderson – One In Ten Part Seven

I’m a little relieved to see this end, I wasn’t overly bowled over by it if i’m honest. It did have its moments, and this episode was a tad enjoyable than the last one, but on the whole it was a weak story. Just hope something more worthwhile takes up its soon to be vacant spot.

Sinister Dexter – In Plain Shite Part Four

Absolutely funting superb. However I was a little shocked by the manner Finny went about disposing his targets, without flinching. But then again he is a cold blooded gun shark, or is he? Well a tad warm probably judging by the twist at the end. But a very interesting twist and I look forward to see how this pans out next Prog. John Burns’ artwork is outstanding as ever.

Ten Seconders – Godsend Part One

I wasn’t too excited when I first heard about this series, but boy was I proven wrong by this terrific opener. Edmund Bagwell’s artwork was just awesome. Plain awesome. The opening panel, with the shot of the earth juxtaposed straight away with the sacremental bread, was superb. If this was a film, then it would be a great jump cut similar to the bone to spaceship in Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey. This first episode also acts as an intro to readers unfamiliar with the strip, as was the case with myself, giving an excellent recap of what had gone before, with the arrival of the ‘gods’ and their impending takeover. *SPOILER ALERT* Another of my favourite panels was on the 3rd page, when we see a ‘god’ killing President Obama, or a president who resembles him (oh what the hell, it IS him!). Why was it cool? Balls. Pure solid balls. And 2000ad has that in abundance. It also illustrates the sheer ruthless nature of these ‘gods’. Not to mention the Obama-killer looks very intimidating too – like a cross between Nuclear Man and Vigo the Carpathian! I thoroughly enjoyed this opening episode and cannot bloody wait for the next instalment.

So a thrilling Prog overall, with Judge Dredd, Defoe, Sin Dex and Ten Seconders being my standout thrills. (or to put it another way, all the thrills were top notch, except for Cadet Anderson!).



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