A nice cover by Jon Davis-Hunt, love the use of colour and detail.

Judge Dredd – Wastelands Part Four

Absolutely drokking superb. Dave Taylor is fast becoming one of my favourite artists alongside the likes of Flint, MacNeil and Gallagher, on 2000AD. There’s so much character in his artwork, not to mention the detail crammed into his panels. This week’s instalment brought to mind Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner, with two panels/ scenes in particular. The first one on page 1, bottom panel, via the costumes and the building decor. The next is when we see Dredd chasing Waldo on page 4 and 5, with the shot of the mannequins and Waldo breaking through a glass panel while getting pursued by Dredd, it’s very reminiscent of the scene where Deckard chases Zhora through the neon lit streets to her doom. I wonder if Dave Taylor had that scene in mind when he drew it, nevertheless, I thought it was brilliantly potrayed. And the story by Mr. Wagner is cracking along at steady pace. An excellent story and I look forward to its continuation next week.

Defoe – The Damned Part Five

Superb stuff once again. Some interesting exchanges aswell between Tomazine and Defoe, not to mentioned Damned at Defoe. The last page was brilliant, Leigh Gallagher’s art at its gruesome best, and a little chuckle from myself as it reminded me of a moment from Shaun of the Dead!

Sinister Dexter – In Plain Shite Part Five

What this interesting episode showed me was the fact Finny is very adept indeed with a gun in his hand especially with useless mobsters shooting back at him. It was a almost like ballet, but with guns, and Finny doing some great moves while armed which would impress even John Woo. And at the end, he saves the girl (or saves us more like from her incessant screaming!). What’s not to like? And a great ending as Uncle Vanya is hot on his trail, and he is definitely not LOLing. Brilliant

Age Of The Wolf III – Wolfword Part One

I really didn’t know what to make of this new thrill to be honest! There’s some nice artwork on display by Jon Davis-Hunt, especially the more bloodier moments, but the story wasn’t as great an opener as Godsend last Prog, or Defoe four Progs ago even though the mighty Tharg did his best to get us up to date via his helpful recap. But it’s still early days, I’m hopeful it’ll get more interesting as it comes along.

Ten-Seconders – Godsend Part Two

Outstanding artwork again from Edmund Bagwell, it just left me open jawed in places especially the sight of our fragile earth at the mercy of the Fathers, and that magnificent shot of a Father on page 3, looming over our protagonists like a magnificent collossus. Great writing from Rob Williams too, such as Harris’ observation of the Fathers’ political leanings. And to top it all off, a very odd looking surprise at the end. Marvellous stuff.

So a great Prog overall, very near to perfection.



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