That is how I would sum up this fabulous second volume of Brian K. Vaughan’s hit comic. This time round our protagonists; Marko and Alana and baby Hazel are joined by her grandparents in their rocketship tree as they try to escape Landfall’s military led by Robot Prince IV and deadly mercenary for hire, The Will who is hot on their trail. Not only that but someone from Marko’s past is also out for their blood. What follows is a heartwarming, thrilling, beautiful and tragic story which left me glued to the pages, unable to withdraw my hold from Saga’s enthralling grip. Normally I like to take my time with a new comic title, but I finished this book in one sitting.

Now the artwork by the extraordinary Fiona Staples, is just as jaw-droppingly good as the first collection. There were moments to savour in this collection, from the characters to the impressive alien vistas, from her individual cover art down to the letterings – everything is simply a joy to behold. Right now she is my favourite artist (of fairly recent prominence) alongside Giannis Milonogiannis and Farel Dalrymple (Prophet).

And in terms of the story, Vaughan keeps it cracking along at a nice pace. Introducing twists at the end of each chapter for which only he knows how, and even at this early stage (i’m assuming early as I see this title will be quite a, er saga!) I can see parallels between this story and Vaughan’s other masterpiece, Y The Last Man. However, like Y, Saga does have its faults. The character’s speech does tend to get too smartass for its own good, and you wonder if anyone talks like that no matter what universe they’re from. It can be jarring at times but then again you cannot deny its entertainment value, and Vaughan still has a knack for conjuring up a wide array of emotions in just one single episode. In fact he is one of the best when it comes to that, making you laugh one moment and then look on in heart pounding terror excitement the next, or pull your heart strings until they’re fit to rip asunder a few pages later. And this is demonstrated nowhere better than the last issue in the volume and that cliff hanger ending. And you have to tip your hat off to him for coming up with such exciting and entertaining writing, with no seeming let up.

And so Saga Vol. 2 was a fun read. It does not make you think as deep as say Image’s other sci-fi hit, Prophet, but it is still entertaining as hell.

And I for one cannot wait for the next volume.



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