An awesome cover by Leigh Gallagher & Dylan Teague! I love the colour palette, very striking use of orange and yellow coupled with the artwork. It’s gone on to my list of favourite Zarjaz covers of 2013.

Judge Dredd: Scavengers Part One

Tharg has stated that this is a sequel to last years Trifecta, and what a blindingly good opener it is too! Carl Critchlow’s artwork is off the scale. Magnificent. Superb, indeed the vast reservoir of superlatives will run dry before I can sum up how good his artwork is here. His work on the last issue of Trifecta was breath-taking stuff and he continues here in similar vein. We start with a fun introduction to one ‘Mikelson White’, who loathes the city, hence why he has bought a boat ‘Sweet Tilda’ and makes a living on the Black Atlantic, until a mutated multi-headed creature rears its many ugly heads. All this on the very first page and then – disaster. A God City crashes down on him. Tragedy and hilarity at the same time.

Rob Williams script for this strip is excellent, engaging the reader as well as being entertaining as hell. Later the downed God City manages to fire nukes at the Hall of Justice, and soon we have Dredd and Co suited and booted in a sub-aquatic air suit, ready to dive into the sea and investigate who or what was responsible for the attempted nuking from the God City. I must say

Dredd looked awesome in his sub-aquatic get up, that panel was superb and reminded me of a suited up Sensitive Klegg from the ending of Trifecta. On this evidence it looks like Williams and Critchlow are on to a winner, their partnership is a great match just like Al Ewing & Henry Flint, and I can’t drokking wait for the next episode.

Defoe: The Damned Part Seven

Defoe finally comes face to face with Mene Tekel a.k.a Faust, and he soon has a proposition for the Zombie Hunter General; assistance and in return he can have revenge on his family’s murderer. Will Defoe give in to Faust’s offer or resist? We’ll have to tune in to the next episode to find out! Great stuff again from Mills and Gallagher. In all honesty I was surprised to find we were up to part seven already, I wouldn’t have known as I’m enjoying this strip massively.

Age of the Wolf III: Wolfworld Part Three

Hmm. I really don’t know what to make of this strip. Three episides in and it’s yet to get my full interest. I think the story itself isn’t that interesting to be honest, the saving grace being Jon Davis-Hunt’s artwork. It’s one of those strips that you don’t hate or love, just inbetween I suppose. I feel I might’ve enjoyed this better if I read the whole series from the very beginning.

Sinister Dexter: Last Rights Part Two

Funting great stuff! Ramone and Tracy living their life in the witness protection programme, whilst baddies prowl for Finny’s scent, and who should decide to call? Only Finny funting Sinister himself. Oops. Great artwork as always from Simon Davis, I have to admit that I miss John Burns’ work prior to the start of this particular story, but seeing as it’s Dexter we’re dealing with now, it makes sense stylistically.

Ten-Seconders: Godsend Part Four

Brilliant stuff once again from Rob Williams and Edmund Bagwell. We have a little glimpse into Kane’s past and the terrible decision he had to take in the face of oppression from the gods. There’s also some very interesting development in regards to Paul Malloy. This episode reminded me of Watchmen a little, Kane and his ‘Comedian-esque’ flashback, and Malloy turning into Dr. Manhattan! Edmund Bagwell’s artwork is awesome, simply stunning to say the least. I’m loving the whole dark colour palette of the strip as a lot of the action seems to be taking place at night. There’s also the shocking scene on page 3, bottom panel with the spider crabs walking over the dead corpses, that was a chilling scene. When I first saw the panel I thought they were Face-huggers and nearly choked on my ice lolly! Brilliant stuff.

I must tip my hat to Rob Williams for being the man of the Prog with two enjoyable strips via Judge Dredd and Ten-Seconders. He’s conjured up two absolute treats. Also Edmund Bagwell and Carl Critchlow, amazing stuff from both artists.

So an excellent Prog overall, so very near to perfection.



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