2000AD PROG 1843 & 1844 REVIEW

2000AD PROG 1843 & 1444 REVIEW

Prog 1844

I received Simon Davies’ “Ian Botham” cover, and I’m really chuffed too! Although the cover has got me gagging for some Shreded Wheat for some reason…

Judge Dredd: Scavengers Part Three

I was really disappointed with how quick this new story ended, I was enjoying it immensly and would liked to have seen the story develop further. The premise was awesome, set under the Black Atlantic with some mouthwatering visuals on show via Carl Critchlow’s magnificent artwork. It was nice to see Sensitive Klegg getting Dredd out of the heat, I wish he could be made honourary Judge!

Defoe: The Damned Part Nine

More Faustian drama in Defoe this Prog, with Defoe seemingly selling his soul to the devil, and some heated exchanges between Damned and Defoe. A shame as Damned was alright, well at least in helping Defoe to get out of tight spots. Granted he is unlike his brother Fear-the -lord – Jones, but I hope this isn’t the end of their partnership. Again some superb work on show from Leigh Gallagher.

Slaine: The Book Of Scars

This was my first ever encounter with Slaine, and I hope it’s not how I remember the character from now on because Clint Langley’s Reaper-esque artwork was not my cup of tea. The black and white artwork which proceeded it at the end, is however my kind of brew. I hope we see more of that, as for the story…it was okay. I understand these are ‘re-enactments’ of some key storylines over the years. The Godhead creature was one of the most nastiest mofo I’ve seen in the Prog for a while, I’d love to read the whole storyline in the future.

Age of the Wolf: Wolfworld Part Nine

I’m finding the story a bit more palatable than when it first started, but even then it’s not wowing me like the other Thrills, even though I really like Jon Davies-Hunt’s artwork.

The Ten-Seconders: Godsend Part Six

This strip really is the dogs bollocks – in a word- awesome. Edmund Bagwell’s artwork is off the drokking scale, it’s absolutely stupendous to behold. I love the dark tone of the story, visually. There’s almost like a grey/green tinge to proceedings and those last few pages in particular look fantastic, especially the sky and ocean. There’s almost an “Akira” level of destruction on show, and Mr. Bagwell turns it into poetry with his ink. The story by Rob Williams is developing nicely too, with a great last line.

So a great line-up again, with Ten-Seconders winning Thrill of the week for me, and Judge Dredd and Defoe not far behind.



I didn’t have time to post last weeks review so here it is


Prog 1843

A magnifcent cover by Carl Critchlow! I love the use of colour and the style of the artwork itself, with the tentacled horror having a go at Dredd. That hand at the bottom is great, signifying that it already has a victim and Dredd is maybe next.

Judge Dredd: Scavengers Part Two

More enjoyable stuff from the Morrison & Critchlow droids. Critchlow’s artwork in particular, is marvellous. It was great to see Sensitive Klegg making an appearance. I was under the impression that he was rescued by the Judges near the end of Trifecta, right when Frank was too. In fact I remember Frank making sure Klegg gets on the rescue ship, so I was surprised to see him still aboard the sunken God City. Nonetheless it was a welcome sight and a funny one to boot. Really looking forward to the next instalment.

Defoe: The Damned Part Eight

Tharg was right, the ” we’re British” line was very funny indeed. As was Gallow’s showing off his ‘Codpiece”! That panel alone was absolutely hilarious. There was some interesting developments in regards to Damned Jones’ shady past, and a gasp inducing ending too. Gallagher’s artwork is still of the highest order that we have come to expect. The opening page was absolutely gorgeous, with the close up of Mrs Hopkins and Defoe at the end very impressive aswell. Leigh Gallagher is like the Sergio Leone of art.

Sinister Dexter: Last Rights Part Three

This was also another enjoyable Thrill, in what was the conclusion to Sin Dex for now. Great artwork by Simon Davies and fun script by Dan Abnett. And a great and bloody finale too proceedings too, welcome to Generica indeed. I wasn’t too excited when this new series started but it has been nothing less than superb, hence I look forward to its continuation in the near future.

Age of the Wolf III: Wolfworld Part Four

This may be the weakest Thrill in the Prog right now, but I must confess I did derive a little enjoyment from this episode, but only slightly. Its strongest point is no doubt Jon Davies-Hunt’s excellent artwork, and the last few panels were excellent.

Ten Seconders: Godsend Part Five

Very interesting devolopments are afoot in this episode, not least Paul Malloy’s god like powers and his re-moulding of earth as he see’s fit, but with devestating consequences. The opening few pages depicting this moment is breathtakingly rendered by Edmund Bagwell. And we also see follow up with the other characters caught up in this calamity, namely Kane and co, ending with a great last panel. Superb stuff. As for Malloy, it seems that anyone who takes on god like powers turns into a massive tit, as is Malloy right now. He asks the question what we would do if we were given those powers, well I for one would leave Damage, the likeable “brute” as he calls him, the hell alone!

So an excellent Prog to wrap it up, and like last weeks instalment- very close to perfection.



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