The cover in this weeks prog is absolutely fantastic! It reminded me a bit of Greg Staples’ wrap around cover for prog 1750, including the green hue to the layout. Karl Richardson’s artwork is really great here, I love his detailed style and the way he draws the Judge’s helmets. Brilliant work.

Judge Dredd: Bender Part One

This was an enjoyable opener to John Wagner’s new story, with excellent artwork from Ben Willsher. I have to say I wasn’t too big a fan of his rough style at first, but have grown to it. And like Jim has said, he seems to have tidied up his lines a bit. There were some great panels to admire such as the gruesome incident on page 2, and the judicial assault at the end. He has a very visceral style which I like. The story was also great, setting up the characters really well such as Judge Lock, and of course Judge Bender, a name befitting of his self as he seems to be as bent as crowbar. It’ll be interesting to see how Lock gets on with his new partner.

Defoe: The Damned Part Ten

This was great fun. I had a feeling Defoe would betray Faust and so it proved. But he goes about it in excellent fashion, earning his trust before dropping a cracker, or in this case Faust’s Crystal. But just when you think Defoe’ll get the upper hand the slippery Faust gets one better on him. The black and white rendering of Leigh Gallagher’s art is outstanding as ever, and I can’t wait to see the drama played out in the water next episode.

Slaine: The Book of Scars Part Two

The Bride of Crom, which was re-enacted this episode was sligtly enjoyable than last week’s opener. Part of the reason why was Clint Langley’s more ‘orthodox’ artwork, this for me is a huge improvement on his photoshopped style – which has began to bore me tremendously. The story left me in the dark somewhat as I’m unfamiliar with the world of Slaine, but I was familar with “The Wicker Man” ( which happens to be one of my favourite British horror films), and the imagery on show of all the poor buggers stuffed inside the Wickerwork figure was quite chilling, and Slaine happened to be amongst them too. Although the story did border on the surreal toward the end (this is a fantasy strip afterall) I enjoyed it quite a bit. It’ll be interesting to see what Pat Mills & Clint Langley cook up next prog.

Age of the Wolf III: Wolfworld Part Six

For the first time in, well six weeks I can honestly say that I genuinely enjoyed this strip. I’ve understood much of the premise and what is afoot, and who is who, and even though there was less action and more talking this time round – I enjoyed it. The motivations of the characters are more clearer too, and Jon Davis-Hunt’s artwork has been very good thus far. I can understand the criticism of the characters especially the werewolves looking too “cartoony” but I think it suits the story. The colour palette is also eye-catching, the whole tone of the strip reminded me of the Manga cartoon’s I used to love as a teen, especially fantasy films like “Vampire Hunter D” and “Amon Saga”.

The Ten-Seconders: Godsend Part Seven

This is again fantastic stuff from Rob Williams and Edmund Bagwell. Storywise I think I know what is going; the ‘Gods’ have been naughty and their parents, the “God-fathers” have arrived planning on teaching their unruly children the hard facts of life via their newly endowed/powered Consigliere; ex-Father Malloy, who’s gone a bit big headed with his new found powers and acting like a tit. The only person who remains a bit of a mystery for me still, is Jennifer. Other than that it’s not been too much of a problem plot wise. This episode was very enjoyable indeed, with some truly awesome visuals again from Mr. Bagwell. The panel on page 3 of the fossilised statue of the all father was truly magnificent. It reminded me of the giant statues of Elendil and Isildur in the first The Lord of the Rings trilogy, in terms of look and scope. One of my favourite standout characters thus far has been ‘Damage’, it’s funny to think that he is a character who is not human, yet has more human traits than most of the humans in the strip, some of whom are turning into different beings altogether.

So an excellent line-up this prog, Judge Dredd and Ten-Seconders were the pick for me, but the others were also good fun.



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