My Recent Digital Reads

In regards to my digital pulls, I’ve started Locke & Key Vol 1, thanks to the recommendations of my friends over at 2000AD Online. It hasn’t taken me long to get into the story. Right now I’m about halfway through the book, it’s taking a little longer than usual as I keep finding myself drooling over Gabriel Rodriguez’s magnificent artwork, and Joe Hill’s script has got me utterly gripped! The character’s are well written with a lot of depth to them, thanks to Rodriguez’s art you can observe what they’re feeling. I’m surprised it took me so long to read this terrific comic, I’ve heard so many rave reviews about and now I’m beginning to see why. By the way, I love the choice of name for where the action takes place; Lovecraft! Very apt indeed! There’s a very uneasy vibe about the comic, much like Lovecraft’s stories.

I also finished Wolves by Becky Clohan. Although short at around maybe 26 pages, it was mesmerising stuff! Becky’s script is very poetic, although in prose and there’s a haunting feel to her marvellous b&w artwork.
Also, I’ve never encountered an artist who draws a beard as good as her! And the details in her panels, from the tree’s, skies, figures and shadows is an unforgettable sight. You almost feel transported to the medieval setting. The story is centred around a huntsman, looking for a werewolf to slay in request of a king. But there’s more to the hunter and indeed the werewolf then we first realise. I know Becky has done another short comic called The Mire. I’m looking forward to checking that out too. This comic was going for really cheap at the Amazon Kindle store for only 38p, and it’s well worth a look.

Another digital comic I finished was Twisted Dark Vol. 1 by Neil Gibson. Again I bought it for the unbelievable price of only 38p (you can find all these titles at the Amazon Kindle Store). It was like an anthology of maybe six to seven short stories with a twist at the end of each. I thought it was fabulous stuff!

The opening story in particular was brilliant, there was a really sad feel to the reveal at the end, as well as being shocking. Those with kids will especially feel heartbroken by it. These stories aren’t neccassarily to do with horror in the demon or ghost sense. But more to do with the demons which lurk within the human heart. All is not what it seems with the characters on show here, and the further you read you start to realise that somehow these stories are connected to one another, although not apparent at first. The artists on duty in this volume do a terrific job indeed. I understand volume 2 is out already, on this evidence I can’t wait to check it out too.


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