My grud – what an awesome cover by Dave Kendall! As soon as I popped into my local newsagent, and I saw that cover on the shelf – my eyes nearly popped out of their sockets! Just the sheer detail in Kendall’s work, and that magnificent king of reptiles ‘Gorehead’ with his mouth gaping, blood dripping, and the ‘666’ on his face – it’s a work of terrifying beauty. If you look closely you can almost see the brush strokes. It’s quite possibly my favourite cover of the year so far.

You can find out more about how Dave Kendall went about doing that awesome cover on Pete Wells’ superb blog;

Judge Dredd (New Tricks Part 4) was superb, I’m really enjoying Mike Carroll’s story telling here – and as I mentioned in my review for the last prog – the underground setting is really exciting. Paul Davidson brings it all alive on page with his excellent artwork. This time round, Dredd, Pax and co are getting closer to the Goblin King. And there’s some further character development esp. in the case of Joyce who shows that he has a far tougher shell than we first thought, not to mention his plan to get through the criminal outpost. The characters are well realised and it’s been a pleasure reading this story. I’m looking forward to next weeks concluding episode.

Brass Sun (The Diamond Age Part 4) is also coming along nicely. This episode was fraught with one double cross after another, with some unexpected, or rather surprising developments. Ian Edginton sure has a fine talent for penning intriguing scripts, it’s a delight seeing the way his characters interact with one another. And I.N.J Culbard’s artwork is a pleasure to behold as always.

Flesh (Badlanders Part 4) however, was rather poor. It was quite laughable the way Lara Cro..sorry Vegas Carver got the titanic T.Rex Gorehead into submission! Such a thing of sheer power and earth shattering ferocity (esp. When you consider that magnificent cover by Dave Kendall) and all it takes is a tickle from Ms. Carver? *rolls eyes*

Aquila (Where All Roads Lead Part 3) was quite brilliant though! I’m enjoying this particular thrill immensely. This episide felt more than five pages because there’s so much stuff happening in it, from the mysterious woman in the blue cloak, to the slave that’s following her and the creepy ‘Veiled Virgin’ that stalks her too. Not forgetting Aquila and his sidekick’s meeting with the giant wolf ‘Magna Mater’; the mother of Rome so to speak. It’s a really interesting and engaging strip with intrigue and dark divinations aplenty – and I love it! Patrick Goddard’s artwork is so gorgeous, and Gordon Rennie’s script is brilliant. I can’t wait to see what we have in store next episode.

Damnation Station (The Tail of the Dragon Part 1) was a little confusing. After the outstanding one off of last episode, we’re back on track albeit with a new story. But it was nowhere near exciting as last weeks episode. I feel I’ll probably have to read it again to get a better idea of the plot, it’s a bit barmy to be honest! But Mark Harrison’s artwork still continues to keep me interested . I love the meshing of almost two different styles, it’s really eye catching. And I swear the General on page 2 looks an awful lot like Peter O’Toole!

We have a letters page to round things off, a lot of letters from ex-readers returning back to the fold which is nice to see.

All in all, a pretty strong line-up with Judge Dredd, Brass Sun and Aquila my favourite Thrills. Flesh was the weakest, and frankly, needs to pull its prehistoric socks up.


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