Phooaaawwwrrrr! What an awesome cover by Cliff Robinson & Dylan Teague! And coming just a week after Dave Kendall’s superb Flesh cover; Tharg is clearly spoiling us! This along with Kendall’s cover is quite easily my favourite of the year, now just don’t tell me to pick between the two because my thrill circuits will surely fry!

Judge Dredd: New Tricks (Part Five) comes to a close this issue, and there’s a really funny twist to end proceedings as we uncover the real identity of the Goblin King. I must say I never saw that one coming! Everything from Mike Caroll’s script, Paul Davidson’s art and Chris Blythe’s colours, has been a pleasure to behold the past few weeks. As I mentioned before the underground setting also worked a treat, I would love to see more stories set in this vast underground city (which is essentially New York) in the future. Not to mention more of the characters esp. Pax and Joyce.

Brass Sun: The Diamond Age (Part Five) is coming along nicely. Wren and her companions have escaped the clutches of the late Duke and his daughter and find themselves in a stunning temple, squabbling amongst each other while in the mean time, the headless Duke sits on his throne while his traitorous daughter colludes with the enemy. It’s a really macabre and darkly funny scene, brought to life by I.N.J Culbard’s magnificent craftsmanship. The last shot of the vast library which Wren needs to visit, was also superb (and funnily reminded me of Monsters Inc, and the final showdown in the ‘door library’!).

Flesh: Badlanders (Part Five) was really enjoyable. The opener with our protagonist McG talking about a tragic moment in his life, was excellent. A slimy friend of his dabbles in ‘time distortion’ pills, and at the same time his lover Zeta complains of horrific dreams. It all comes to a head in a tragic manner, but not before the ‘Speedophile’ gets his comeuppance. I really liked McG’s character, I think part of that stems from the fact he looks like Ron Perlman! This was a really great episode, and I hope it continues. Great work here from Pat Mills and James McKay.

Aquila: Where All the Roads Lead (Part Four) is getting pretty nail biting now as the Veiled Virgin closes in on our hero Aquila and his sidekick. There’s some more conspiring and divining between Nero and his witch companion, and we learn a little about the Veiled Virgin’s horrific past. It’ll be sad to see this superb strip come to its conclusion next prog; Gordon Rennie, Patrick Goddard have done a magnificent job and alongside Brass Sun and Judge Dredd, it’s my favourite Thrill.

Damnation Station: The Tail of the Dragon (Part Two) was a fun little episode. Joe Nowhere and his crew are intercepted by an enemy vessel and crash land on a jungle planet. I must admit it reminded me of Star Trek for a moment, but what the heck, it was fun! Mark Harrison’s art is brilliant here, some of the panels almost leap off the page. It suits the story well. This is the first time since the one off story (starring Sean Connery!) that I’ve enjoyed this strip. More of the same please Mr. Ewing!

So a very solid prog overall, I enjoyed ALL the thrills contained within its pages. ‘Thrills of the Future’ includes a snippet from the new upcoming Grey Area story, and looking at Goddard’s artwork here I must say I can’t wait! The last time I read Grey Area (around the time I jumped on board) I really enjoyed it, so looking forward to the new series.



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