A nice little cover by Mark Harrison but a bit of a comedown from last weeks absolute corker of a cover (see prog 1854 review). The colour composition could’ve been a bit better. The light green tone of the logo almost blends into the background, but then that was probably the point anyway.

Judge Dredd: Prey (Part One) – A great opener to this new story by T.C. Eglington and Karl Richardson. Eglington’s dialogue is great especially the opening exchange between Hershey and Dredd. I love Karl’s artwork, his rendering of Dredd is really great, not to mention his helmet. An excellent set up too with interesting characters, Doctor Danes and Nurse Burleigh and their charity Without Frontiers working in the city’s wastelands and helping the survivors. But all is not as rosy as it seems if the shocking last panel is anything to go by. Dredd may not have any jurisdiction here, but we all know it’s him they’ll turn to when the shit hits the fan. Great stuff, looking forward to the next episode with great fervour.

Brass Sun: The Diamond Age (Part Six) – another excellent episode with our protagonists finding themselves in the late Duke’s mindbogglingly massive library, with our heroine Wren looking for a particular book. They are assisted by a very tall chap ‘ Whisper’, who is the librarian, and his assistants called ‘bookworms’ or basically very short men. Whisper reacts zealously when Wren equates it to slavery (which it is) especially when you see them in the stacks. The scenes have a really macabre feel to them, and I.N.J Culbard’s art and colours are really gorgeous here. There’s a purple tinge to the whole episode which is a nice stylistic touch.

Flesh: Badlanders (Part Six) – Flesh was great. I’m slowly getting into it. James McKay’s artwork is excellent, his two page splash of the ‘dinosaur rodeo’ at the beginning is marvellous.

Aquila: Where All Roads Lead ( Part Five) – We come to the conclusion of this outstanding story, and my only complaint with the series would be that it was too damn short! Before it started I didn’t know if I would enjoy it but boy was I wrong, it was arguably the best thing in the prog the last few weeks alongside Brass Sun and Judge Dredd. In this concluding episode, Aquila and his friend face off against the Veiled Virgin, well at least Aquila does while his sidekick legs it! Aquila is captured by the devious Nero and the witch Locusta, and is coerced into becoming his ‘divine executioner’, or ‘Carnifex’. And thus we have to bid farewell for now to this magnificent strip. Gordon Rennie, Patrick Goddard and co have done a superb job and I hope we see the same talents involved on its return.

Damnation Station: The Tail of the Dragon (Part Three) – More entertaining stuff, a re-read can do wonders. Wasn’t too excited on first helpings, second helpings proved more satisying!

So a pretty decent prog overall. The stand out is Judge Dredd, Brass Sun and Aquila. Looking forward to Tharg’s 3riller next prog, which takes the place of Aquila. The teaser for the upcoming Anserson story in ‘Thrills of the Future’ looks interesting; Mike Dowling’s artwork looks great.



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