Not too long ago I was blown away by fan film called Judge Minty. Although Old Stoney Face made but a brief cameo (played by Greg Staples) the bulk of the 27 minute film was carried by the excellent Edmund Dehn, It was quite possibly the best half hour I spent on Youtube!

Fast forward a few months and we have another fan film entitled Cursed Edge to keep us entertained while we wait for a Dredd movie sequel (hey, a guy can dream can’t he?!). It is directed by Oliver Hollingdale, and I first heard about Oliver’s endeavours to make the film on the 2000AD Online forum. From the offset you could see the passion he had for the project and getting it made. The first part of the film, or Prog -1, premiered on Youtube recently to positive reviews. But there had been some dissenting voices too, most of the criticisms were levelled toward the acting and the potrayal of MC-1. My own thoughts are it was a good opening episode…. but it could’ve been better.

First of all, the good points;

1. The opening was great. Nice use of CGI for the title and views of the Cursed Earth

2. Excellent score, very evocative of the movie version, which no doubt was a big influence

3. The main actor, Kiarnie Camp who plays undercover Judge Hollister, puts in a great performance. I must say she looks very fetching in her blue wig!


4. Nice use of location shoots; it’s clear a portion of it was filmed in the red light district of Amsterdam. It gives a flavour of the seedier sides of Dredd’s universe.

And the bad points;

1. The sound mix was terrible. It could’ve been better as was evidenced in the prior fan film who managed to do a better job also on low budget.

2. The acting especially from the main baddie was poor. The American accents were really shaky, and didn’t help the sometimes poor dialogue

3. It took far too long to get into the meatier parts of the story. The first half was spent with our protagonist just walking around. And while it does help to set up the world, I felt too much time was spent dwelling in it with no benefit toward the plot whatsoever.

But if you look through the good and bad points, the good obviously outweighs the bad. I was not overly blown away by this opening episode, nonetheless I did still enjoy it. I also realise the amount of time and effort that was put into making the film, so I must take my hat off to the Oliver and his fellow creators. I look forward to Prog 2 and hope it builds on the story.

You can watch the film on the following link;


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