Writer: Gordon Rennie
Art: P.J Holden
Colours: Steven Denton
Letters: Jim Campbell
Publusher: Renegade Arts Entertainment

After moaning about the cover being too dark on #1, I’m pleased to say the cover for #2 is very eye-catching indeed! It’s a nice wrap around cover like the first one as we see Amelia and Emma running for their lives from a big-ass, hungry looking T-Rex.

We open somewhere deep within the Erazome Jama Caves in the Slovenian Dinaric Alps (quite a mouthful!) as a team from the Lamont Institute lay waste to a bunch of primitive creatures (who look like the offsprings of Kit Fisto and a Gremlin!) for something ‘rather special’. From the massacre of these poor buggers, we realise the leaders of this sinister group (a brother and sister team) are not nice people at all, and what’s more, have the power to slip into other people’s bodies. In the meantime, Team Carnacki are on a flight to China to investigate an Emperor’s tomb, before someone else gets to it, and Team Challenger are in a whole heap of trouble in the Pacific, as a T-Rex closes in on them…

I must say I breezed through this issue in a small amount of time, stopping only to admire P.J’s art, and by the end wanted more! There were so many standout moments, from the opening shot of the cave with large emerald structures in the background as the bad guys fire upon the poor creatures, to the dino rampage which follows later (but not before we get a glimpse of a cool dragon skeleton in Dunsany College!).

But the standout without doubt, was the awesome statuesque figure of the Cthulhu beneath the sea, looming down on Professor Wilmington…….that just took my breath away. Being a big fan of Lovecraft and the Cthulhu mythos, I felt P.J captured that otherworldy feeling expertly. Not only was it a terrifying sight, but it was beautiful too, thanks to the art and colour palette.

Gordon Rennie’s script is hugely enjoyable, I love the banter between some team members, Mr. Sonam’s concerns regarding Mr. Belasco’s language and its effects on the young Sawmi – when they are fighting the Chinese Vampires – is really funny!

There’s some extra stuff to round things off. Of special note is the upcoming book by Gordon Rennie, Emma Beeby and Tiernan Trevallion called ‘Robbie Burns’. It sounds like a really interesting premise, I mean how could it not when you have those names attached to it?! I would love to get my hands on a copy next year. Also, a little piece on the Audio stories which Renegade are doing with such horror luminaries as Doug Bradley and Robert Englund. I enjoyed reading that, as too the Study Notes.

Overall, excellent work from Team Rennie; and on this evidence I cannot wait for the next issue.


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