2000AD PROG 1856 | REVIEW


A nice cover by Carl Critchlow. It’s amazing to see how his style has evolved over the years to a point that his style is very distinctive today.

Judge Dredd: Prey (Part Two); another thrilling episode. This time the predator is unmasked, Dredd goes deeper into his investigation of the grizzly murders and there is a hint that there is more to Dr. Danes then we first realised. Again Karl Richardson’s artwork is amazing, I love his design of the upgraded Lawmaster on page two, his linework, details and colours are superb. Very much looking forward to the next episode.

Brass Sun: The Diamond Age (Part Seven); Things continue to develop nicely as Wren and her companions meet with Cantor; a code intoner (basically like a computer programme – very Matrix-esque!) who explains to Wren that the book she carries has more to it than she first thought, as well ad giving her insight into the past. I.N.J Culbard’s colour work is really gorgeous here, even the darker scenes have a nice tone to them, and the flashback scene is depicted in a majestic emerald style which is very eye catching.

Flesh: Badlanders (Part Seven); Flesh has continued to improve, so much so that I’m really enjoying it right now. I love the character of McG, I wonder if it was a conscious decision by James McKay to draw him like Ron Perlman?

Tharg’s 3rillers: Rewind (Part One) or The Return of Jesus! Yes, Jesus is back baby! (not that Jesus, but 2000ad veteran Jesus Redondo!). I wrote on the 2000ad forum that I would love to see the return of Jesus Redondo after reading his interview in one of the Megazine back issues. He came across as a warm and likeable individual full of life, and he expressed his desire to work for the House of Tharg again. Well it seems Tharg has answered my prayers by having Jesus back to work on the prog again (I know, Tharg probably planned on Jesus’ return way before my pleas! But a guy can hope can’t he?!) and he doesn’t disappoint. If there’s one little niggle it would’ve been the fact that I’d love to have seen the 3riller in black & white, but Eva De La Cruz’s colours are still vibrant and eye-catching. The story (by Robert Murphy) relates to two guys who’ve been sent back in time to intercept a murder. It was a nice opener with Jesus’ work truly coming alive on the latter part of the story when go back in time. I’m looking forward to seeing how this 3riller pans out.

Damnation Station: The Tail of the Dragon (Part Four); Joe Nowhere snd his crew find themselves under attack from sentient beings on the jungle planet. It’s an action packed episode topped off with a little breather toward the end. Mark Harrison’s art truly is a visual delight with his action scenes especially, almost popping off the pages.

It’s all topped off with a Star Scan by Glenn Fabry of Slaine, who I must confess looks an awful lot like a young Jack Nicholson, grin an’ all. It’s a nice piece though, Fabry’s work is always welcome in my opinion. Maybe we can get him to do a prog cover sometime soon…..


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