2000AD PROG 1857 | REVIEW

2000AD PROG 1857 | REVIEW

A very nice looking cover by Karl Richardson with the Scrall (the preadatory beast from the story) in the background with Dredd in the foreground, with his Lawgiver on the ready. I like it.

Judge Dredd: Prey (Part Three); we come to the final episode, and a fun one it is too. We learn more about the Scrall, the predator which is behind the gruesome murders. We learn more about its alien origins and its reasons for being on the planet in the first place. Judge Dredd also finds himself at the mercy of the Scrall and its master. For me the star of story were not the bad guys, but nurse Burleigh. She held onto her principles when others whom she looked up to, did not. She also had the upper hand on the bad guys. I would love to see her character incorporated in a future story.

Brass Sun: The Diamond Age (Part Eight); my word, what a magnificent first panel! In fact all the panels by I.N.J Culbard are simply outstanding here, the colour palette too renders everything in a majestic tone which is both eye-catching and exhilirating. In terms of the story, Wren and her companions are trying to get to another world while being persued by the late Duke’s daughter. My only frustration is the fact each episode seems so short, just as you’re getting into the story it ends. Therefore a future collected trade would be most welcome.

Flesh: Badlanders (Part Eight); another fun episode, this time Ron Perlm..er, McG I mean, grapples with a Raptor, while the literally big headed corporate types watch on, but little do they know what Vegas Carver has planned for them…..Again some nice black & white from James McKay, the Raptor fight was really enjoyable.

Tharg’s 3riller: Rewind (Part Two); Jesus continues to perform miracles (sorry!), while the story starts to enter some mindboggling territory, such as *spoilers* why one of the guys has a massive hole in his chest and still continues walk and talk. It seems all will be revealed in the concluding episode, but I must say it hasn’t really grabbed me. There’s some lovely work however from Jesus, Eva De La Cruz also deserves credit for her excellent colour work.

Damnation Station: In Another Lifetime; a nice little episode this, as we learn the origins of Joe Nowhere. And my, what an origin it is too! Mark Harrison renders those moments superbly in some terrific panels on the 3rd page. There are stuff in the strip which still continues to boggle my mind (and can be frustrating at times), but on the whole I’ve enjoyed it.


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