2000AD PROG 1858 | REVIEW

2000AD PROG 1858 | REVIEW

Another Gorehead cover, albeit less spectacular than Dave Kendall’s one. But when my five year old says it’s ‘awesome’ you can’t deny its effectiveness, although even he said it looked like a monster than a dinosaur. And I must agree, it is one of Langley’s better covers but Gorehead does look more demonic in look than dino-mic. (but maybe he’s supposed to look demonic, afterall his 666 stamp if not to signify the spawn of hell, then what else?)

Thrills of the Future: Hooray! Demon arse-kicker-par-excellence, Harry Absalom and his team will be returning in the end of year special (Prog 2014). Very much looking forward to that one.

Judge Dredd: Feral (Part One); one of my favourite artists, John Burns is on board for this new story, and it’s scripted by Emma Beeby who did a stellar job on the fairly recent Judge Dredd and Tharg’s 3riller stories (alongside Gordon Rennie). This is maybe her first solo effort at writing Dredd and I must say I’m very impressed. It starts off with a young boy play acting as Judge Dredd, until his friends show up. It seems these group of children are fending for themselves in the chaos ravaged streets of a Dehab Zone, their parents and families probably victims to the Chaos Bug. But enter Judge Dredd, having had a report of an alarm going off at a Citi-Def weapons storage, he goes in to investigate…..this was nice little set up Beeby, with some gorgeous painted art from Burns, I loved his recent work on Sinister Dexter, so it’s a pleasure to see him back for this Dredd tale.

Brass Sun: The Diamond Age (Part Nine); we open with a magnificent shot of the Orrery’s clockwork solar system. Wren and her companions are on their way to ‘Hot Air’, one of the major players in the war. Culbard’s superb splash page potrays how Hot Air looked in the days gone by, with air ships flying in their hundreds. It’s a sepia toned image and recalls the news footages from World War 1. But as war broke out we see in the following page the world under attack, and finally on the last page overleaf; a desolate and dangerous place, sort of like a monolithic desolate structure stretching out from the depths of an emerald hued hell. It is such a magnificent display of change through time. Edginton’s script is also great, with one moment in particular making me laugh. Looking forward to the next instalment.

Flesh: Badlanders (Part Nine); Gorehead unleashed! (or unchained as the cover says). A really fun (and funny) episode this as Gorehead goes on an eating frenzy. And boy does he take his time with those corporate and greedy types, the bottom panel on the fifth page was simply outstanding!

Tharg’s 3rillers: Rewind (Part Three); we finally get an explanation as to why that poor bugger has a bloody hole the shape of a rugby ball in his chest, and yet is still standing upright and talking. Hmm. I don’t know what to make of it to be honest, it sounds like a pretty barmy idea, but there are things which still do not add up. Nonetheless, it was an enjoyable 3riller, not to mention seeing the resurrection (or return) of Jesus (Redondo) was a miracle in itself! I hope Tharg gives him more work in the future. It’s been a pleasure being in the company of Mr. Redondo these past few weeks.

Damnation Station: The Howling Beast on the Borderline (Part One); wow, where does Al Ewing come up with these titles?! This episode does indeed feel like a howling beast on the borderline (of insanity) as there’s so many things going on, and the layout at first felt really distractive. I’ve enjoyed this strip thus far, but not as much as I hoped. There were some interesting moments or chapters interspersed with some rather un-interesting ones. However, one thing which has been constantly brilliant is Mark Harrison’s artwork.

So a very good prog overall, with Dredd, Brass Sun and Flesh being the standouts.


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