My Recent Comic Purchases

My Recent Comic Purchases

Requeim: Vampire Knight; Dracula and the Vampires Ball by Pat Mills & Olivier Ledroit.

French artists Ledroit’s artwork is so miraculously magnificent, it has to be seen to be believed. I first encountered his work in Sha (Heavy Metal Magazine Jan’ 1999) and fell in love with it straight away. Here his art is equally as good. There’s no denying Pat Mills’ skilled mastery over the storytelling medium, and both of them combined is a treat to savour!
An equally formidable team are Richard Corben & Simon Revelstroke. I managed to obtain a copy of one of their best work; The House on the Borderland, which is an adaption of William Hope Hodgson’s highly respected horror novel. Mike Mignola cites this comic as his most favourite Corben work, and it isn’t hard to see why. There’s also a highly informative foreword by Alan Moore on Hodgson and his original novel.


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