2000AD PROG 1859 | REVIEW

2000AD PROG 1859 | REVIEW

A nice P.O.V cover by Culbard. It’s something different which I like, the colour palette is also very nice, a sort of emerald hue with the dark blue sky and stars in the background.

Judge Dredd: Ferals (Part Two) was superb. Emma Beeby’s script is very engaging, with a interesting set up. Seeing the orphaned kids together reminded me of Charles Dickens and Enid Blyton’s novels to an extent. There’s a sense of mystery and adventure as the kids, aided by Old Stoney Face, try to uncover who the monsters are which are snatching the children away. I love the opening exchange between Dredd and the kids when he asks them for a description of the monsters, with each of them giving his or her own account. John Burns’ artwork is simply a joy to behold, with his painted panels interspersed with some line work, and colouring, especially for emphasis. He blends his style into the story with startling effect. Honestly, I spent a good amount of time just drooling over his beautiful artwork. I cannot wait to read the next episode.

Future Shocks: Home are the Heroes; a nice little Future Shock by A.J Buthcher accompanied by some lovely black and white artwork from Nick Dyer. The story concerns the homecoming of some soldiers after their victory over the aliens. A boy is worried whether the war would have changed his father, or whether he would recognise him. Soon he gets his father to tell him about the war. About the aliens. And pretty soon we have a twist at the end which if I am honest, I did see coming. But that was not the point, what mattered to me was the way the story was handled and rendered. There’s more to the story other than the twist, such as the good guys vs the bad guys, and the build up of dread especially when you see the reaction on the boy’s face.

Brass Sun: The Diamond Age (Part Ten); wow, ten episodes already and yet I feel like we’ve just scratched the surface. The world of Brass Sun and its clockwork solar system; the Orerry, looks so vast and rich I am sure Ian Edginton has far more surprises and interesting worlds up his sleeves for us. What of this particular episode then? Well I loved it! It felt really brief (which makes the wait for the next episode so agonising) but there were some important exchanges between the characters and some thrilling action too. We are still in the eerie confines of Hot Air, like a monolithic structure, cold and remote, that is until our three companions come under attack from the skies. Culbard’s panels are gorgeous. No other word for it. When Brass Sun is released in a collected trade, you can bet that I’d be first in line to grab myself a copy!

Flesh: Badlanders (Part Ten); oh dear. I’d been enjoying James McKay’s art for this new series, but in this episode his work looks really rushed. You can almost read the letters D-E-A-D-L-I-N-E between the ink strokes. Story-wise nothing much to report on, just Vegas Carver making a run for it, whilst McG sizes up Gorehead.

Damnation Station: The Howling Beast on the Borderline (Part Two); another action packed episode, although some of it is in Spanish. Plot wise I’m starting to find it a little muddy in places, and I’m not getting as excited as previous episodes. That said, some dazzling artwork again from Mark Harrison. The airlock scene in the final page in particular, was awesome.

So a satisfying prog overall, with Judge Dredd, Brass Sun and Future Shocks the standout for me.


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