2000AD PROG 1863 | REVIEW


Cover – Dylan Teague’s cover is very good, but not as exciting as I hoped. However, I love the colour work, a sort of magic hour Apocalypse Now- style carnage. Talking of which, as we see in the strip, the Norm Brotherhood even play Wagner’s Ride of the Valkyries as they go on a killing spree. So in hindsight, not a bad cover at all!

Judge Dredd: Titan (Part Two) – Oh my grud. Some of the panels on this episode had me literally salivating, open jawed and wide eyed with awe – such is the awesomeness and thrilling potency of Henry Flint’s work on show here. The sky dive from the Justice Department Ship (which looks so cool by the way) was the standout, as were the flashback scenes setting up some of the characters such as the ex-Warden McIntosh; the prisoner who is tasked with helping Dredd and the marines on Titan.


Or the SJS member Gerhart who has past history with Dredd – Rob Williams sure does know how to crank up the pressure!

Ulysses Sweet: Centred (Part Three) – This strip might not be everyone’s cup of tea. Some of our Dolphin munchin’ mad man Ulysses’ quips or so bad as to border on bad taste, but I find it all hilarious! In fact he makes Zombo look like Mother Teresa at times (which might sound a tad blasphemous for Zombo lovers out there!).

ABC Warriors: Return to Mars (Part Three) – I’m really enjoying this strip – so much better than Pat Mills’ last writing gig on Flesh, with better artwork to boot. In fact Clint Langley’s work is outstanding. 

Starscan: Slaine by Clint Langley – Marvellous stuff from Mr. Langley! I love the depiction of Slaine here in his warped look, and the colour work is also terrific.

Grey Area: Did You Pack Your Own Luggage? (Part One) –  I hoped that we would have Patrick Goddard back on art duties after his excellent work in the Prog 2014 one off, and so it proves as his work is again a delight to behold. Since I first laid my eyes on Grey Area I’ve been a firm fan, and here Dan Abnett is at hand to script a fun opener with a group of rogue aliens arriving on earth disguised as luggage! But their intents may not be benevolent…

Strontium Dog: Dogs of War (Part Three) – Some more interesting developments in the Mutie vs Norm war. We see the slippery nature of the norm politicans and their alliance with the anti-Mutie Norm Brotherhood, who seek nothing but to sate their appetite for Mutie blood. The strip although dialogue heavy is interspersed with some heavy action and I feel Wagner’s got the mix just right. I for one am enjoying this strip.

So a solid prog overall, a thoroughly enjoyable read.


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