2000AD PROG 1864 | REVIEW


Cover – An absolutely Zarjaz cover by Clint Langley! Everything from the colour palette, use of quotes and design of the War Droids is Mek-nificent! I love it!

Judge Dredd: Titan (Part Three) – Dredd is burning up as he enters the Titan atmosphere, but McIntosh comes to his aid. You could say it was a close call for our Lawman. But who do those creepy monologues belong to, asking Dredd what he is afraid of? It’s clear there is someone or something on Titan that might give even Old Stoney Face the creeps. Again Henry Flint’s artwork is a pleasure to behold. I especially love the panel where Dredd sees what looks like snow flakes in front of him, but it’s obvious it’s in his mind. The strip has a really atmospheric and filmic feel to it, and a sense of foreboding as we get to the end. It’s already got me worried for the whole crew….

Ulysses Sweet: Centred (Part Four) –  Another funny episode. As usual, Ulysses continues to make an arse of himself, while everything around him crumbles. Paul Marshall continues to potray the insanity with great artwork and considerable amount of guts (seeing who the character is!).

Grey Area: Did You Pack Your Own Luggage? (Part Two) – Another excellent instalment from Abnett and Goddard. The ETC start looking for the aliens-disguised-as-luggage, and there’s suggestions that this whole incident could tie in with the slippery alien Uuveth whom we saw in the last series getting his comeuppance from Bulliet. Is this some sort of revenge for that incident? Well I for one can’t wait to find out!

ABC Warriors: Return to Mars (Part Four) – Happy Shrapnel back from the dead, longs for his friends who are on a year long celebration of Khaos on another planet. This was another excellent instalment with some lovely artwork again from Clint Langley. I loved the sarcasm from Morrigun at the end, well at least it looked like that!

Strontium Dog: Dogs of War (Part Four) – Johnny Alpha rides into Dartford Skyway showing the norms who’s boss. Ezqurra’s panel showing a prawn, or Scampi faced Mutie downing a Norm supremacist ship was the stand out for me, as was the dangerous tactics which Alpha used to get into the Norm camp. I have a bad feeling about this…

So another Thrill packed prog, I can’t wait for the next instalment especially where Judge Dredd is concerned.


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