2000AD PROG 1865 | REVIEW


Published by Rebellion

Cover by Patrick Goddard
Excellent work from Patrick Goddard. Love the detail and colour work, along with the wicked humour depicting a holiday snap.

Judge Dredd: Titan (Part Four)
Dredd and co venture deeper into the Titan prison colony, searching for answers, but soon Dredd comes face to face with the mastermind behind everything….

And I must confess, it was not who I was expecting. In fact, I didn’t even know who he/she was! But seeing as it has been explained to me by my friend Dark Jimbo over at 2000AD Online (as to who the person is), I’ll leave it at that. The rest of the strip was bloody marvellous though with Henry Flint at the very top of his game. The flooded airlock panels were done with such amazing skill and detail, you could almost feel the water splashing off the pages. And the last page was jawdropping to say the least (art-wise, not the reveal) – in the smaller panel it looked like Flint was channelling John Burns with the black pen/paint strokes on the water.

Ulysses Sweet: Centred (Part Five)
Ulysses is up to his same old tricks, causing mayhem and driving people to the edge of insanity (not least our friend Barry!). There were several moments of hilarity, key one being his encounter with the harp playing angel! Paul Marshall continues to draw this mad man’s escapades with wit and skill and you can definitely count me in as a fan.

Grey Area: Short Straw
A brilliant self contained story dealing with ETC agent Bulliet’s trials and tribulations inside an alien ‘cave’. We soon trackback to find out how he came to be in this spot of bother in the first place, and of course, the clue is in the title. I thought it was really fun one-off by Dan Abnett and Patrick Goddard, whose artwork is simply outstanding.

ABC Warriors: Return to Mars (Part Five)
Happy Shrapnel changes his name, and contrary to the pleading of his comrades, wants to turn his back on violence. It was quite funny seeing Hammerstein trying to change his mind only to be met with the same answer from Shrapnel/ Caine. Clint Langley’s artwork looks terrific too. I’m enjoying this Thrill a lot.

Strontium  Dogs: Dogs of War (Part Five)
Johnny Alpha disguised as a Norm Brotherhood member, sneaks into their camp to gather intelligence. We again see the ruthless side of Alpha, killing without even flinching. War can do terrible things to man and it seems like Johnny is also a casualty of it.

Nice to see a letters page at the end and input from fellow Squaxx. So an excellent Prog overall.

Next week: Judge Dredd seems to be at a disadvantage, will be interesting to see how it developes. A new story from Grey Area and more of ABC Warriors which is coming along nicely.


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