2000AD PROG 1866 | REVIEW


Published by Rebellion

Cover by Henry Flint
Excellent work from Henry Flint, I saw an edited version of it on Facebook a week or so back, but it’s pleasure to see it up close in full detail. Dredd looks in quite a state, bloodied and cowering. I thought the shot of Jupiter behind Nixon was a nice touch, it echoes Flint’s Samurai cover for the Meg a while back.

Judge Dredd: Titan (Part Five)
Dredd finds himself at the mercy of Nixon and her fellow inmates, but even when he is bloodied, tooth missing and under the forced influence of drugs he still manages to come out fighting. He must have some steel balls that Dredd! We also get a surprise at the end when a well known face shows up. This was a visceral episode, full of bone crunching action, and there’s a panel on page 3 (Dredd warning the creeps to get back in their cells) which reminded me of a moment from Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns:


Stylistically it looks very similar to that particular panel: both men with teeth gritted, menacing and slightly hunched. Henry Flint’s work is superb here.

Ulysses Sweet: Centred (Part Six)
Dear grud, Ulysses really is as useless as they come isn’t he? He’s too busy having flashbacks while everything around him goes down the metaphorical toilet! Again, excellent artwork from Paul Marshall. It’ll be interesting to see how this one ends – which I’m guessing isn’t too far off now.

ABC Warriors: Return to Mars (Part Six)
Another fun episode this, with Clint Langley going back to his traditional style (which works for this strip). I loved the set up of some of the panels, with a lot of stuff going on even in the background. For example, Mek Quake listening on intently in the background as Hammerstein and Happy Shrapnel discuss his ‘retirement’! The shot of the Broadband Asylum on page 4 was also awesome. Being quite new to the whole ABC universe there were a few things which were difficult to follow but overall, it’s been a ball. I can’t wait for its return in Prog 1868.

Grey Area: All God’s Children (Part One)
I’m really enjoying the episodic and one off nature of this series, it reminds me of the recent Damnnation Station and Sinister Dexter. And I’m definitely enjoying it more than the former, not only for Dan Abnett’s engaging script but Patrick Goddard’s artwork, which suits the story really well. This episode was also enjoyable as a group of human ‘Samaritans’ enter Grey Area, trying give comfort to their ‘alien brothers’. Of course, we know it won’t be too long before things go pear shaped.

Strontium Dog: Dogs of War (Part Six)
The Muties led by Alpha, lie in ambush as they wait for the Norm Brotherhood. This episode was maybe a little light on talk, but the action sure made up for it.

A solid Prog overall.

Next week: Looking forward to see how Judge Dredd: Titan developes. Things are looking rather bleak for our Lawman. Grey Area is also coming along nicely as is Strontium Dog, where Johnny’s battle against the Norms heats up.


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