Judge Dredd D.I.Y!

Seeing Ulises Farinas’s superb cover for the recent Judge Dredd: Mega City Two #2, I just couldn’t resist the urge to actually follow the instructions on the cover and do a bit of Judge Dredd D.I.Y!

So first of all, I went about photocopying the cover…..

Then I glued the page on a piece of card (my son had used all the coloured cards at home, so I had to settle on a card folder! It did the job though).

Then I cut each piece out, trust me when I say it was wasn’t as easy as it sounded! My fingers were aching, but thankfully, the payoff (with a little blu tack!) was worth it, as you can see below…

Oops, forgot Dredd’s pants!

That’s better! I know my son will be impressed when he sees that. Maybe we can do the other character together later on.

A big thank you to Ulises Farinas!


5 thoughts on “Judge Dredd D.I.Y!

      1. I was, of course, joking. Personally I have always seen it as a one-piece with the long zip off to the side a la Carlos Ezquerra. I was just amused to see Joe Dredd in his Justice Deptartment approved boxers.


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