Judge Dredd D.I.Y Puppets Part 2

These are the remaining outfits/ characters I had left from my last blog post (Judge Dredd D.I.Y) when I assembled Old Stoney Face. Before I go further I want to thank Ulises Farinas and Douglas Wolk for showing my last blog on their Facebook page and Twitter respectively. I think I got the biggest hit on my blog that day! Anyhow, here’s the rest of ’em:


Here’s Judge Dredd undercover, as we see him in #2 of Mega City Two: City of Courts. I love the look of his helmet and those goggles.

Next up we have Chief Judge Kennedy:


Unfortunately I seemed to have misplaced his helmet! So in this instance, some random perp has assumed his identity!

There were two face cut outs (and a T-shirt and sandals left for another character) but none of them looked like Chief Judge Kennedy. However, this was the closest likeness to the chilled out self adulating Chief Judge!

I hope you guys enjoyed my paper puppet show! Of course none of this would’ve been possible without the creators of the comic in the first place, so a big thank you to Ulises Farinas, Douglas Wolk and of course, IDW for publishing this exciting strip.


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