We have another awesome cover this issue, with a D.I.Y paper puppet of Dredd, complete with his undercover clothes and Chief Judge Kennedy! I must admit I couldn’t resist the urge to actually follow the instructions and make the puppets for real! You can find out how my exciting puppet making adventures fared here.

As for the story, Judge Dredd goes deep undercover to infiltrate a biker gang, as a TV crew follows his every move.

Douglas Wolk manages to capture the insanity of Dredd’s world perfectly, there are several standout moments such as Dredd’s initiation into the biker gang, or the mention of ‘family man’ (a code word for undercover) by Dredd to gain access to the Platinum Level ramp, and the cross section view of said ramp. Not forgetting visual reference to Akira in two of the panels (which I thought was pretty cool).

Ulises Farinas’s artwork continues to impress and is a pure pleasure to behold, but I feel Ryan Hill also needs to be commended for his delicious colour work. It’s almost too colourful but it suits the tone of the story really well.


At the end we have another informative essay by Wolk, this time looking at the history of Mega City Two. And it looks like we’ll be getting a taste of MC2’s sea dwelling critters next issue!


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