13 Coins Comic

Simon Bisley's cover for #1

I read the first issue of Simon Bisley’s new digital comic last night, 13 Coins and I must say I really enjoyed it. The comic is written by Martin Brennan and Michael B. Jackson with interior art by Bisley. The story revolves around two warring angel factions, the first group are known as The Fallen and consist of 13 rebel angels who had escaped hell and are intent on creating an army to orchestrate an attack on heaven. The second faction are known as The Watchers, their sole purpose is to protect mankind from attack from The Fallen and their descendants. And of course this war comes to earth and we are introduced to our protagonists. And oh, did I mention, there are 13 Coins involved originally given to the rebel angels, and this also plays a big part towards the story.

Bisley’s artwork is simply outstanding. British fans of 2000AD will of course know him from his work on Slaine, but his work on Heavy Metal has also gone towards confirming him as an exceptional talent.

I’ll admit to saying that I’m not a fan of digital comics but this just blew me away! Some of the 3D images are superb, especially the cover for issue 1. I urge all comic lovers and fans of Simon Bisley to check it.

You can find the link here.

The app is free to download and is very impressive indeed. I’ll definitely be returning back for issue 2!


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