2000AD PROG 1872 | REVIEW

Dredd comes to grip with the mutant tape worm

Cover- Dylan Teague

An excellent cover by Dylan Teague! His phallus-like rendering of the mutant tape worm reminded me of Richard Corben’s Serpicock monsters in The Bodyssey! I love the shot of Dredd too, grappling with the er, thing! Colour work is also really eye catching.

Judge Dredd: Squirm (Part 3)

This was a superb ending to Mike Carroll and Nick Dyer’s story. I love the fact that a story which started off with a Fatty food contest soon descends into a monster chase. Nick Dyer’s artwork has been a treat and as I mentioned in my last review, his art is a perfect match for the story. This time round the Judges have figured out why the mutant tape worm has an appetite for large folks, and Dredd battles in a race against time to stop it from laying eggs. Suffice to say by the end the story is tied up pretty well – literally in this case! I’m a big fan of Nick Dyer’s artwork and hope to see more from him in the future, but overall, this has been an enjoyable story.

ABC Warriors: Return to Mars (Part 11)

We come to the penultimate episode of the series, and so far it’s been an absolute blast. This time round, Happy Shrapnel battles Mek-Quake. Worried for his ‘father’, the boy Tom tries to aid him in battle but will he pay a price?

So another thrilling episode, complemented by some terrific artwork by Clint Langley. And that last panel in particular had me punching the air! I’m really looking forward to seeing how Pat Mills and Clint Langley wrap it up next Prog.

Tharg’s 3rillers: After The Vengeance (Part 2)

We open with a scene of a banker in the past (acting like a tosser) and in the future, where the same banker is inside a cage, ready for execution. We also have our protagonist Munroe trying to plot the overthrow of the Wolves. But there’s something quite not right about him…

I enjoyed the opening episode to this 3riller, but sadly, this week’s installment felt a little weak. Nonetheless, Jon Davis-Hunt’s artwork is very good, I love his depiction of the main character and the little glimpses we get (such as on the first page) that he’s hiding something. I’m hoping this ends on a strong note next Prog.

Future Shocks: The Modular War

We have Eddie Robson back again on another Future Shock, this time accompanied by Robin Smith on art, and the excellent Simon Bowland on lettering.

I won’t get into the plot as it’s a little barmy to be honest (in a good way), it took a re-read for me to figure out what was going on, but….I enjoyed it. It had a smidgeon of Doctor Who in it for me which isn’t a surprise looking at Eddie’s prior work. I love the fact that each module (or city) could be removed on command like a chess piece! A nice little tale, I hope to see more from both writer and artist in the future.

Grey Area: Visitation

We have a change of artist for this one off story (which is actually vital to the development of the series). Adam Bulliet gets a rude awakening as an alien infiltrator, representing the Arakshu comes-a-calling. Those who read the last series will know that Uuveth the ambassador which Bulliet had a run in with, belongs to the same race. And of course, it is for this same reason why this visitor turns up un-announced.

Bulliet's moody Deckard-esque apartment

It’s a slightly chilling encounter which is made all the more engaging by Mark Harrison’s superb artwork. The shot of Bulliet’s apartment in the opening panels, with light filtering through the blinds gives it a moody atmosphere, pretty much like Deckard’s apartment in Blade Runner (as has also been mentioned by Eamonn on his his review for ECBT2000AD). At times his artwork looks like a still version of an anime film, and I must say it looks rather splendid indeed.

Next Prog we have the last installments of Grey Area, ABC Warriors and Tharg’s 3riller as we await new thrills for the jumping on Prog. I’m really looking forward to it!

My review can also be seen on ECBT2000AD, a big thanks to Richard!


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