13 Coins Issue 2 | Review

Simon Bisley's 3D cover for issue 2

We have another superb 3D cover by Simon Bisley to kick things off, I cannot praise the innovative use of 3D highly enough, just by swiping the image to your left or right can reveal details in the artwork which you might not have seen at first. Corinthians have done a stellar job indeed and It’s great that digital comics can offer so much nowadays, I’ve seen some pretty cool stuff recently, (i.e falling snow on panels) but this comic just opens up the possibilties of what can be achieved via this format. I still have a lot of love of paper comics, and to be honest, don’t think I’ll ever give up my love of physical TPBs/ hardcovers, but I am so impressed with 13 Coins and its creators.

As for the story, John Pozner the washed up ex-Basketball player gets a visit from Samuel Goodwin, an agent of the ‘Sons of Noah’; who are the ‘Watcher’ angels sent to guard mankind from the ‘Fallen’ angels. Their brief meeting does not go unnoticed however and soon the Anti Terrorist Agency (A.T.A) are on John’s case, not to mention the Fallen themselves. We are also introduced to key characters along the way, such as the corrupt Senator Graham. And it seems the A.T.A also want to use his services to their advantage.

John is interrogated by the Anti Terrorist Agency
Bisley's original pencil work for the above panel

Simon Bisley’s artwork is superb again in this issue. He depicts the squalid nature of the city perfectly, and the supernatural slant gives it a feeling of foreboding, with danger seemingly just around the corner.

After the opening two issues I must say I’m hooked, and look foward to issue 3 with fervour.


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