Webcomics: James Kersey’s The Amok Bros.

One of the panels from The Amok Bros.

It’s always a pleasure to discover talented names in the field of comics, and James Kersey is one such name. Thanks to the power of social media, I quite literally stumbled upon his work.

He has his own webcomic called Oversimplified which, in his words, involves stories about robots and aliens. He has started a new story called The Amok Bros., centred around two robots who are off on a journey of discovery after eradicating an army of doppelgangers! His first page (which can be viewed here) called to mind the brilliant short stories in Heavy Metal Magazine and 2000ad, namely Future Shocks and Sci-fi Thrillers. His artwork is excellent, with lovely colour composition which suits the humourous tone. I love the depiction of the robots in particular with shirts and ties, rendering them like a couple of average Joe’s mulling over every day life!

You can find out more about his works via his website: http://oversimplified.net/

I must say that on this evidence, I’ll definitely be coming back for more!


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