The Extraordinary Talents of Ulises Farinas

I was so awed by this splash page by artist extraordinaire, Ulises Farinas in the recent issue of Judge Dredd Mega City Two #4 (published by IDW), I was compelled to share it on here:

It’s simply awe-inspiring stuff!

The level of detail in Farinas’ work is truly astonishing, his style has been compared to that of Geoff Darrow (Hardboiled) and it’s not difficult to see why. One of the things I love about his artwork is the various pop culture references and humourous messages you can spot if you pay attention to the artwork. And this spread is definitely full of some chuckle inducing images.

Here’s a close up the splash page in question, you can see a reference to Mark Millar (Millar Sex Crime Novels!) and an advert for the Family Famine Centre (Don’t Eat Your Kids!).

Here we have a Hands Solo Massage service, and other funny goings on.

Ryan Hill also deserves huge credit for his eye popping colourwork, it’s a perfect match for the art.

Douglas Wolk’s script is also really fun, with one moment in particular that had me laughing out loud. This was quite possibly my favourite single issue comic of the month alongside Garth Ennis’ Caliban. 

Judge Dredd’s visit to Mega City Two has been a memorable one and one which I’ll miss when the series comes to its conclusion next month.


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