Aliens: Dead Orbit by James Stokoe

Every once in a while a comic comes along that gets me excited like riding an express elevator to hell (goin’ down!), and Aliens: Dead Orbit is one such comic! 

After an accident on board a space station, engineering officer Wascylewski finds himself alone. Well, not quite alone, as the deadliest creatures in the known galaxy are also hitching along for a ride. And now, he must use his wits to see off the hissing horrors. 

When I heard James Stokoe would be tackling the Alien comics, I was filled with unbridled joy; his work on Godzilla for IDW was marvellous, as was his input in Image‘s Prophet series. 

Through his art, the feeling of foreboding and claustrophia deepens, and through flashbacks we start to learn how Wascylewski found himself in this scary position. 

I just love Stokoe’s style; there is so much stuff happening in his panels, he is like the modern day equivalent of Masamune Shirow. The sheer amount of detail in his panels are insane. 

The tension is ramped up slowly and expertly as the first sighting of the xenomorph is established. And like Wascylewski, we too feel the dread thanks to Stokoe’s beautifully rendered artwork. 

Dark Horse‘s Aliens universe is truly marvellous with some great stories I’ve had the pleasure of reading over the years (Nightmare Asylum, Salvation being some of the best ones) and Dead Orbit is another strong entry in the ongoing Alien-verse. I can assure you this is one series you would not want to miss.


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