Review: The Metabaron Book 2

Published by Humanoids                               Story by Alejandro Jodorowsky                 Written by Jerry Frissen                                 Artwork by Niko Henrichon

Cover art for book 2

In Book 2, we are introduced to Orne-8, a student of the Techno-Cardinal, who is willing to go to extreme measures to be promoted by the Techno-Pope. 

Orne-8 and the irritable Techno-Pope

He (or rather, she, as we soon discover) is tasked with a mission by the Techno-Pope to seek out an alternative to the much sought after oil/fuel Epyphite, the lack of which may be causing disastrous effects in their universe, as whole worlds are scorched by solar storms. 

Orne-8 and Simak

Travelling along with Orne-8 is a ‘transhuman’ called Simak, who is like an artificial-bio being with the ability to morph his body into any shape he desires. The dynamic between both characters is really interesting to see, especially their growing animosity towards each other.  

In the mean time, the Metabaron seems to be oblivious to the impending destruction of the universe, and does a Superman II, ie, foregoes his metabaronic powers in order to feel more human. He is haunted by the prophecy that the universe will soon come to an end, and decides to indulge in his desires. 

The beautiful prostitutes of Solar Corona

His trusted robot servant Tonto is tasked with finding women from Solar Corona; a planet filled with beautiful prostitutes to take back to his master. However, as Orne-8 enters the fray, everything changes. 

The Metabaron returns to the planet of his ancestors, Marmola. He is convinced that the sacred oil Epyphite, is trying to tell him something (after recieving a telepathic message in Book 1). But this being the Jodoverse, nothing is as plain sailing as it may seem! There are plenty more twists and turns in store. 

Jodorowsky’s ability to create fascinating characters is one of his biggest strengths, and Orne-8 fits that template like a figure in a cosmic jigsaw. 

She is a key player in the Metabaron’s journey now and it will be interesting to see where the story takes her. 

Niko Henrichon (Pride of Baghbad) takes over art duties in this book, and he does a marvellous job indeed! His style is very eye-catching and engrossing, with gorgeous colours and incredible depth in detail,  adding weight to the spaceships, planets and its denizens. There is almost a Moebius level of complexity, and that is probably the highest praise I can give him. 

The opening panels in particular, are beautifully rendered, showing what is essentially a flashback scene involving Othon’s accident on Malmora, and a moment which is an intergral part of the story  

Another is the scene of all the prostitutes in the Metabarons’s private quarters. Each is very unique in their design, and the jewellery, tatoos and accessories give them each, almost their own set of personalities. 

Book 2 is another triumph by Jodorowsky and his team, and I cannot wait to read the next chapter in this enthralling, fascinating series. 


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